Zimmerman, MN

With all the economic uncertainty that surrounds us today, we are all looking to spend our money as smart as possible. Saving is important. And most of us are looking to increase the value and appeal of our property, while also raising our quality of life.  So where do decks rank on the list of home improvement projects?

From an investment standpoint, you can expect to recover anywhere from 70%-90% of the cost of a new deck when you sell your home. Variables include what type of decking you use (wood or maintenance free decking), where you live, size, quality of work, unique features, etc. For example, if you have a poorly built deck with expensive composite materials, your return on investment will be much lower than if you have a well built deck, using wood materials. Having unique characteristics to your deck will help the profit in the end. One of Dupont Constructions famous deck accessories is our Cocktail Rail. Our Cocktail Rail is a wide top of the railing that allows you to set your drink down anywhere on your railing giving you ample room for you and your guests.

We just finished this beautiful deck in Zimmerman, MN. This is a new construction deck in foughly 20’X12’ with a  4’X4’ bump out with stairs leading down to a lower 4’X4’ landing. This deck was built using treated pine material with treated pine railing system in continuous style, with the deck board on top to create the cocktail railing. We finished this deck with black circular aluminum balusters making this deck ready for many get-togethers for years to come. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment about your outdoor living space.

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