Winter Deck Repair and Upgrades Maple Grove MN

Winter Deck Construction MNWhen glancing out your window things may look a bit brighter…no, it’s not the sun, or a headlight but rather snow and it is everywhere. You’d think with all the snow covering the Maple Grove, MN area that deck repairs, deck upgrades and any kind of construction is at a halt. Well, think again because Dupont Construction & Remodeling is a hearty and locally owned company that has what it takes to brave this weather and conquer your deck improvement projects.

Winter Construction in Minnesota

If you’re asking yourself why anyone would want their deck improved in the winter, we have an answer. As all Minnesotans know, spring, summer and fall is all too fleeting and each gorgeous day we get should be spent to the fullest, not waiting on improvements to be completed. In short, we work in the snow so you can enjoy each and every day possible on you deck, without interruption. The spring will be that much more exciting when you can finally enjoy the upgrades waiting for you, instead of waiting on you or for the spring construction rush to slow down.

What Deck Improvements can be completed in the Winter?

  • Deck Building in Winter MNDecking Repairs
  • Decking Replacements
  • Custom Built-in Furniture
  • Transform a Deck into a Screened in Area
  • Replace Railings
  • Repair Railings
  • Install Gates
  • Extend the Deck (if footings allow)

Just because winter’s here to stay doesn’t mean you have to hold off on deck upgrades. Our licensed contractors can make it happen. When you hire Dupont your guaranteeing added home value and quality craftsmanship – in any season.

We can restore your deck, both visually and structurally.

If you have a request, question or would like to schedule an appointment call us today online or at (763) 753-9796!


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