Why Build a Pergola?

IMG_5994Sitting by the lake or pool on a hot summer day with a drink in hand sounds like paradise to most. Especially when you can relax reading a book or playing on your tablet, but the summer sun can make it difficult and even too hot for some to sit in. This is where a pergola would be perfect! Pergolas can provide the perfect amount of shade to get out of the sun or to read a book while still enjoying be outside. They can also make a patio more enjoyable with having some shade from the sun and can serve as a great enhancement to any building or open space.  Pergolas provide shade as well as a unique visual appeal. If you are thinking of building a pergola look no further than Dupont Construction & Remodeling. We are here to make your custom designs happen.

Benefits of a Pergola

Pergolas may act as an extension of a building by covering an open area, such as a patio or pool area off the house. Freestanding pergolas, those are not attached to another structure and provide a sitting area that allows for a breeze and light sun. Pergolas can also be used in gardens to provide climbing plants with a  structure to grow on. One of the best benefits to having a pergola is the very low maintenance they require. Pergolas can add value to your home, provide you with a great place of shade, visual appeal, and many more! Plus they can be built basically any shape, location, and design you have in mind. Give Dupont Construction & Remodeling a call today and start designing your pergola.

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