Which Deck is Right for you and your home?

Spring is in the air and summer will be here before we know it. So you’ve made the decision that you would like to add a deck to your home. Excellent decision! You will undoubtedly enjoy the many benefits of having a deck, not to mention the increased value to your home, a deck can provide. However, you may be wondering which of the many different kinds of decks is right for you and your home. Depending on your budget, long-term maintenance goals, and your household’s specific needs, you may favor one type of deck over another. Below, review the different kinds of decks that may be an option for you and your home.



Wood is the most common type of deck. There are numerous of different types of wood, giving you a good amount of design flexibility and a number of different look options. Including cedar, and others. Wood decks tend to be the least expensive, with simple “pressure treated” wood being the cheapest of them all (some exotic woods can elevate prices significantly). However, the trade-off is that wood decks require a much greater amount of care and maintenance to prolong their life. You will need to consistently re-seal a wooden deck in order to keep it in top shape, and frequent coats of paint or stain will be necessary if you want to maintain a specific look.



Composite deck boards are composed of a mixture of recycled plastic mixed with wood fibers. This creates a durable material available in a wide variety of colors which is a lot more resistant to weather than a traditional wood deck. These are also usually more pest-resistant than normal wood as well, making them a little more reliable in areas where termites tend to be a major issue. While they tend to be higher in cost, they do not have the same look as a traditional wood deck, and likewise have a different feel, as well. They don’t typically have the maintenance that a traditional wood deck has, which is why these decks are becoming more common.


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