Under Decking system installed in Prior Lake, MN

Under-Decking for more outdoor space not just for looks, maximize your deck’s potential!

Convert the space under your deck into a dry patio area to add even more extra outdoor space to your yard! Not only does it finish off the look of the under side of your deck, it serves a purpose also keeps you dry.





Even if you already have an existing deck you can still add Under-Decking. Why is it such a nice addition to your deck? Read below:

There are many different types of Under-Decking Systems, you can read about 2 of them below:

Trex RainEscape is a unique under-deck drainage system that uses a network of troughs and downspout construction to keep rain, spills and snowmelt from dripping through elevated deck boards. Creating a dry space beneath the deck allows homeowners to create an outdoor living area by installing lights, ceiling fans, entertainment systems, outdoor kitchens and more.

Ideal for second-story decks, the TimberTech DrySpace product is an under-deck drainage system that collects and channels moisture from the spaces between planks. It is easily attached to new or existing deck joists.  DrySpace is made of solid extruded vinyl for maximum strength, durability, and weather resistance, and comes with a 25-year limited warranty.







What a nice finish to this deck we built a couple years ago. They wanted an Under-Decking system installed this year and it really finished off this space!


If you are looking to have a deck face lift or build a deck this year, there’s still time!  Contact Dupont Construction and Remodeling, Inc. We specialize in everything decking. Whether that be a new porch, a wrap around deck, under-decking, patio or a deck face lift we know how to make your outdoor living space perfect to accommodate your family. Give us a call today and lets talk your dream outdoor living space. 763-753-9796 or 651-674-5699

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