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Beautiful Brickwork Detail

Tuckpointing Service MNQuality Brick or Stone masonry adds a stately appearance to a home. Tuckpointing or Tuck-Pointing or Tuck Pointing is a way to give a cosmetic facelift to a brick wall or chimney that helps to prevent water intrusion between the bricks. The look achieved by an expert masonry craftsman can be very beautiful and elegant. Careful attention is made to correctly color match the new mortar to the existing mortar-joints. This is not a job to be attempted by Maple Grove, MN homeowners rather it should be left to an experienced professional like the licensed masonry team at Dupont Construction.

Tuck-Pointing Chimney And Wall Repair Minnesota

An experienced mason uses special tools to grind down the existing mortar between bricks, to the desired depth. New mortar is carefully dyed to match existing mortar joints and skillfully applied using a precise technique. The finished product is a brick wall or chimney that looks like new and is very durable to withstand the harsh Minnesota weather conditions.

Mortar Joints can be damaged due to exposure to Minnesota weather conditions, especially freeze and thaw cycles. Having the damaged mortar repaired by tuckpointing is a cost effective approach restoring your valuable stone or brick chimney or wall. However, tuckpointing is not always appropriate for each job. Contact Dupont Construction for an inspection to see if your chimney mortar joints can be repaired by tuckpointing.

Benefits Of Professional Tuckpointing

Professional tuckpointing is crucial for preserving the structure of a brick chimney or brick wall.

  • Halting Corrosion of Mortar Joints
  • Restores Structural Stability
  • Prevents Water Penetration
  • More Cost Effective than Replacement
  • Improved Home Value

Experienced Masonry Repair

Tuckpointing Services MNDupont Construction has been performing professional Tuckpointing services for nearly a decade. We are confident that our knowledge, skills and techniques will produce exceptional results for your Brick Chimney or Brick Wall mortar joint repair. Maple Grove, MN residents will find that we are Licensed Contractors and experienced masonry professionals who are customer focused and results driven. Your brickwork can once again look like new and be durable for many more Minnesota seasons.

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