Tuck-pointing Services Minneapolis

Preserving Brickwork

Minneapolis TuckpointingTuck-pointing Professionals have the ability to improve the beauty and preserve the brickwork on your Chimney, Brick Walls, Foundation or Porch Steps. Dupont Construction & Remodeling has extensive experience with tuckpointing that provides both cosmetic and structural benefits. We have a team of Skilled Minneapolis Masonry Experts that can identify areas where mortar has been damaged or deteriorated and in need of professional repair. Quality Tuck-pointing Services help with waterproofing and protecting masonry on your home.

Quality Tuck-Pointing Services in Mineapolis

Tuck-pointing is a repair procedure for mortar joints in masonry. Over time, the mortar joints between bricks will break down and deteriorate. Exposure to Minnesota’s extreme temperature fluctuations speeds up the process. Water intrusion between bricks that are exposed to the freeze / thaw cycle allows deterioration and loose mortar. Eventually you are left with areas or crumbling masonry that allow water penetration. Structural instability can be the result.

At Dupont Construction & Remodeling, we pride ourselves on the unique skills necessary to repair and rejuvenate the brickwork. Our Quality Tuck-Pointing Services are a great alternative to replacing a damaged brick chimney or wall. With close attention to detail the results can add value and beauty to your Minneapolis home. Our craftsmen carefully match the existing mortar for a flawless look and feel.

Benefits Of Professional Tuck-pointing Services

Tuck Pointing Professionals at Dupont Construction and Remodeling can provide you with several benefits due to our experience, knowledge and skills.

  • Replaces deteriorated mortar joints
  • Stops corrosion of mortar joints
  • Provides greater structural stability
  • Aesthetically more pleasing
  • Provides waterproofing for brick chimneys
  • Cost effective alternative to replacing the brick structure
  • Increases home value
  • Prolongs the lifetime of brickwork

Minneapolis Chimney Restoration

Not all damaged brick chimneys or structural brickwork can be restored by tuck-pointing. Minneapolis, MN residents and businesses can trust the Skilled Masonry Experts at Dupont Construction & Remodeling to provide an Honest and Professional assessment of the damage and determine if tuck pointing is a good option.

Skilled Minneapolis Masonry Experts

Dupont Construction & Remodeling has a team of Skilled Minneapolis Masonry Experts that can help to increase the beauty and value of your home. Our quality tuckpointing services may be just what are needed to halt deterioration and restore your brick chimney to its prior beauty. Flawless results can only be achieved by Tuckpointing Professionals with the knowledge, equipment and skills to add years to the lifetime of your home’s brickwork.

Call Dupont Construction & Remodeling for a Free Estimate on Quality Tuckpointing Services at 763-753-9697.



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