Taylors Falls, MN

img_1320Winter is right around the corner and our fall nights are coming to a quick end. We spend our times enjoying grilling, having bon fires, and enjoying the last bit of fall weather left. You may think it is too late to build or remodel your deck, build a patio, custom railings, pergolas and fireplaces but it’s not. Fire season is in and what a better way to enjoy that last of the fall weather on your deck or porch before the snow comes.

Maintenance Free Decking
We just finished this beautiful maintenance free deck in Taylors Falls. This deck was built with Timbertech Amazon Mist decking with white maintenance free railing. When choosing to build a deck there are two different options to choose from natural wood and man-made composite. There are many pros and cons when choosing each type of material. The deck you see in the photo above is maintenance free composite. We finished with white maintenance free railing leaving them with a beautiful deck to enjoy the rest of the fall weather with.

Not Too Late
If your home needs an addition or maybe just a deck facelift it’s not to late in the year to get this done. You have plenty of time to still enjoy a deck, porch, fire place or anything else before the cold is here. Plus you will be excited all over again this next spring when you know it is all done and you just have to wait for some warm weather to get outside.

Choose Us
If you live in Taylors Falls, MN and are looking for a deck building contractor, please look no further than Dupont Construction & Remodeling. We offer all styles of maintenance free decking, as well as fixing and repairing your older deck with custom railing systems or custom designed stairs that may be a better solution for you. For more information about our team, give us a call today at 763-753-9796 or email us at dupontconstruction@msn.com.

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