Stunning new AZEK deck we just finished in Minnetrista, MN! They don’t always have to have stairs and that’s fine with us!

Newly built AZEK deck without stairs!

This new deck is 23’ x 14’ deck and has no stairs the AZEK decking is Acacia Color, Fypon all white structural maintenance free railing with white square balusters, white fascia boards around the perimeter of the deck, and white solar post caps on the deck railing complete this beautiful new deck.

AZEK decking comes with a lifetime warranty against product
defects including any blistering, peeling, flaking, cracking, splitting,
cupping, rotting or structural defects.

AZEK decking is installed using the cortex hidden fastening system so no
screws are visible on the decking surface.



Installation of deck footings, placement, digging and installation of all
buried footings for the deck. We install our footings in the ground for
added strength with specially engineered lumber that is rated for ground
contact. We do not do buried concrete pier footings which can be very
problematic in Minnesota with our soil and temperature variation conditions.
Buried concrete pier footings tend to heave and sink over time. Our footing
process was designed to minimize the possibility of footings sinking and
heaving with the harsh Minnesota climate changes and soil conditions. Our
footings meet and exceed code compliance in the state of Minnesota.


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