Stucco Installation St. Francis MN

Chimney-044.jpgAre you interested in adding stucco to the exterior surface of your St. Francis home? Or fixing the existing stucco on your home? Dupont Construction & Remodeling specializes in stucco installation, stucco repair, stucco replacement and stucco restoring. We can patch up any cracks that have formed along the years or evaluate what is causing mold to grow and fix your concerns. Our Minnesota local construction and remodeling company is family owned and operated, we only consist of the most dependable, experienced and trained licensed contractors. Your home will be in the best of hands when choosing any of our home improvement services.

Stucco Home Exterior

If you own a home with an existing stucco exterior you probably already now why stucco is such a great home exterior choice. The lifetime of a correctly installed stucco exterior can be well over 50 years! Stucco is a highly energy efficient exterior home choice, it is also fire and rot resistant. Choosing to protect your home with stucco will dramatically increase the value of your home.

Quality Stucco Materials and Installation

The experts at Dupont Construction & Remodeling only apply a superior grade stucco material which consists of cement, lime and silica. Not only do we ensure the stucco grade is professional but we also use the proper tools and technique required for a lasting finish to your homes exterior. A correct installation involves applying several layers of stucco for a solid protective layer around your entire home or chimney.

Complete Stucco Services:

Stucco Crack and Damage Repair

Trust our experienced hand for your stucco repairs. As a professional company we do not caulk cracks found, we will re-stucco the damage. Simply caulking stucco does not offer the protection that a true stucco repair will. If you see a very subtle crack in your stucco surface, it will most likely not be a cause of major concern to your homes overall protection. But a larger crack or stucco damage that you consider an eye-sore would be a concern and should be assessed by a licensed professional.

Stucco Replacement and Reapplication

Whether you would like to tear down your existing siding, for a completely new stucco application, re-apply stucco to restore it to it’s natural state or updating and changing the texture our contractors can complete it all. Time can fade the stucco color and weather can create an uneven look to your stucco’s shade. While stucco can be painted any color you wish, it’s recommended that instead of painting, reapplying stucco material is a much better fix.

If you choose to protect your homes exterior with the long lasting, low maintenance siding option of stucco call Dupont Construction & Remodeling today at 763-753-9796, we can guarantee a quality stucco finish!

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