Stainless Steel Chimney Liner Installation, cracked clay tile flues, Minneapolis, St. Paul, MN

More often than not, upon inspecting a chimney we find that some of the clay tile flues in the chimney liner have broken or begun cracking. This can be caused by debris hitting the top of the liner during a storm causing a crack or even just harsh enough weather conditions can cause cracking in the clay tiles. A small hairline crack in a clay tile flue liner will dramatically increase over the course of a year with the harsh Minnesota weather conditions. Once the small crack occurs, water gets inside the crack and freezes in the winter, this causes the crack to spread, creating a domino effect of cracking from the top to the bottom of the chimney liner. If caught early enough (preferably before Winter) it’s a simple repair and usually only one or two flues will need to be replaced. But more often than not if you do not get your chimney regularly inspected every year, you wont even notice the crack until you start to get the dreaded “leaking” in your chimney or your roof. Usually at this point the liner is in need of replacement. Instead of replacing all of the clay tile flues with new clay tile flues that have the potential of cracking again in the future, lots of homeowners are now getting there liners replaced with Stainless Steel Class A liners. Although these new liners cost more for the materials because they are stainless steel instead of clay, the labor is usually less intensive to install them than traditional clay tile liners and so therefore the pricing is usually about the same or just slightlyhigher than a clay tile liner replacement, and since it carries a much longer warranty than a clay tile flue, it is a better long term investment when replacing a chimney liner.  Obviously the best advice to chimney owners is to make sure that you are having your chimney inspected and cleaned every year so you can avoid costly liner replacements by making catching the cracks and making the necessary repairs early enough. But should you need a new chimney liner installed we highly recommend considering having your clay tile liner replaced with a stainless steel liner to avoid another costly liner replacement project in the future. To get a free chimney liner inspection call Dupont Construction and Remodeling today, we send our owner out to inspect every chimney and he takes pictures to show you exactly what the inside of your chimney looks like. Call our office today to get your free inspection and Estimate! Call Dupont Construction and Remodeling at 763-753-9796!

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  1. Just had jack pixley out to clean my fireplace. Found cracks in the liner. Want to still burn wood in fireplace. No wood burning inserts. What do reco for SS liners?

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