Sick of staining and painting your deck? Andover, MN


No more staining or painting your deck

Louis and Doodle enjoy lounging on their deck, and just like you they want to relax this summer and not have to worry about their deck peeling, spending time on painting or staining. That’s why they recommend a maintenance free deck!

Decking Ideas

Expanding your property by adding a deck is a quality investment that will raise property values, as long as it is safe, secure and up to code. What type of interest are you looking to add to your property? Maybe you like the idea of an outdoor kitchen with a custom fireplace and built in grill…we’ve created a masterpiece like that at least once and we can do it again, to your specifications. The options for a fireplace, entire kitchen, hot tub, built-in storage or seating are endless. Your outdoor living possibilities are only limited to your mind and the code your city enforces.

Outdoor Living Spaces | Licensed Minnesota Builder

Are you looking into addition ideas for your home? Ever thought about expanding your outdoor living space? Dupont Construction is a local Minnesota Outdoor Living Contractor that specializes in building outdoor spaces custom designed with our client’s mind. Deck additions, deck facelifts, we even specialize in fireplace construction!  Whatever you have in mind, our licensed builders can bring to your property.


Outdoor Living is a Long Term Investment

There are many things we purchase today that will just be thrown out or used up within just a couple of months, even weeks. Instead, why not invest in your home, our completed construction will be lasting addition that adds both value and square footage. Contact Dupont Construction and Remodeling today and soon enjoy the daily benefits of outdoor living. Call 763-753-9796.

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