Screened-in Porch

Porch Construction St PaulLiving in Minnesota means only having warm weather a few short months of the year. So if you are like us, you want to spend as much time outside when you can enjoy it with out freezing. But if you know Minnesota then you know how a perfect night outside can end very quickly when the mosquitos come out. Your Solution: Screened-in porch.

Screened-in Porch Pros

Many of you might already have a front or back porch that you love to spend time on but are wondering if you should screen it. Or if you are planning on building a porch you may be wondering the same thing. Well here are some screened-in porch pros. The most common is keeping the bugs out. That can add hours of enjoying time outside on a nightly basis or even during the day depending on where you live. Another pro to having a screened-in porch is the shade it provides on those hot summer days and nights. Being able to enjoy a meal or cocktail outside with shade and bug free is paradise to many. The list goes on and on from it adds value to your home, it’s a great place for children to play and not have to worry, to how it is an addition on to your living space. Don’t matter what your family may need there are benefits to having a screened-in porch. With all the pros unfortunately there are some cons as well.

Screened-in Porch Cons

The first and probably most common con when building anything is the price. When you enclose your porch, there is the added cost of the screens, along with the added maintenance. These two things are the reason most decide not to do any project. Another con that most have a problem with is the obstruct some of your view. Having a screened-in porch can block your beautiful view and if it is a front screened-in porch it can often make your home look uninviting from the street. However if you live in a busy city it can add a little more privacy to your home. Finally if you do it yourself, you might get frustrated with the installation and sagging screens from the start or notice problems in the near future. This is why most recommend hiring a company.

Hire Us

If you are looking for a screened-in building contractor, please look no further than Dupont Construction & Remodeling. We offer all styles of screened-in porches, maintenance free decking, as well as fixing and repairing your older deck with custom railing systems or custom designed stairs that may be a better solution for you. For more information about our team, give us a call today at 763-753-9796 or email us at

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