Screended-in Porch

Porch & Deck ConstructionIf your anything like us you love enjoying the beautiful summer nights outside with friends and family but living in Minnesota we have to deal with misquotes. With summer evenings already only lasting a few short months you want to enjoy them as much as you can. Unfortunately when the misquotes come out you can only last a short time before you are back inside. If you can relate to this at all then Dupont Construction & Remodeling is here for you. We would love to build your family a screened-in porch so you can enjoy the summer weather all night! The best part about building a screen porch is the options are endless. Starting with location you can add a screened-in porch below your current deck, attached to your upper deck, out your front or even back door. With Dupont Construction & Remodeling we will help you figure out the best location of your new screened-in porch.

Why Build a Screened in Porch?

One of the best and most loved features about building a screened-in porch is the extension of living space. Screened-in porches are basically added square feet to your home, plus they add value. Sitting on the porch, especially in the heat of summer, is the best way to cool off and relax after a day of working in and around the house and yard. Now another feature most add is a beautiful ceiling fan and lighting to really make it a great place to end your day. Another pro of adding a screened-in porch is if you live in the city it gives you some privacy when sitting outside. The features and additions are endless when designing your dream screened-in porch.

Design Tips

When designing your screened-in porch it is a good idea to sit in the space you are going to build it, that way you can really decide how high you want the railings or supports for the screens before the swinging of hammers start. There is nothing worse than building a great screened-in porch that when you sit down you can’t see the lake, or view behind the wall. If you like to spend nights out on your porch and you enjoy stargazing, think about your roof too adding some sky lights or opening can make a huge difference. So if you are deciding to build a screened-in porch give us a call and we will help make your dream designs come true!

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