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Blaine Home Deck Additions

Blaine Deck ConstructionBlaine, MN Home improvement projects that include Deck Additions require a permit from the city. Before submitting an application for a Deck Construction Permit in Blaine, MN you will need to have a detailed listing of building plans and materials to be used. At Dupont Construction, we are a very experienced Blaine Deck Building Company with forward thinking ideas on how to create the perfect backyard oasis using Quality Deck Construction and Materials. Let’s work together to design the best deck for your property and lifestyle.

Requirements for Deck Construction in Blaine MN

The city of Blaine, MN has requirements that must be met before issuing a Deck Construction Permit. As a Blaine deck building company, Dupont Construction will handle the permit application process for you.

  1. Application for deck building permit
  2. Site survey with deck location
  3. Design drawing showing the following:
  • Framing plan
  • Joist spacing and size
  • Size of deck addition
  • Height from grade
  • Footing spacing and size
  • Location and dimension of stairs
  • Space between rails and railing size
  • Beam location and size
  • List of materials to be used

Quality Deck Construction and Materials

When choosing the type of decking materials to suit your maintenance requirements, lifestyle and budget, the most important aspect is to look for Quality Deck Construction and Materials that can stand up to years of use. The team at Dupont Construction utilizes high quality Natural Wood Products as well as Low Maintenance Decking, Masonry and Metal components. The different materials can integrate seamlessly when using expert Deck Construction Techniques.

Popular Designs for Deck Building

There is no end to the possibilities for Decking Shapes and Designs when you choose Dupont Construction for your new deck. We won’t box you in with a boring, outdated deck. There are so many high quality options to choose from as far as decking materials and designs. Coordinate the deck addition with your home’s aesthetics by incorporating elements from the architectural style. Work with the shape and slope of your yard to design a deck that blends beautifully.

  • Platform decks
  • Raised decks
  • Free standing decks
  • Multi level decks
  • Two story decks
  • Covered decks
  • Pool surrounds

Blaine Deck Building Company

Dupont Construction is a Blaine Deck Building Company that cares about our clients. We want to assist you in designing the Best Quality Deck Construction and Materials for your Blaine, MN home. A deck addition should reflect your lifestyle and not be restricted to a boring cookie cutter design. Dupont Construction can assist with Deck Designing, Permit Applications, Choice of Materials and Sturdy Construction for long lasting results.

Dial: 763-753-9796 for Deck Construction in Blaine, MN.


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