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When adding luxury to your Edina, MN home many options are available. Sometimes it is even overwhelming, Dupont Construction & Remodeling would like to bring some clarity to the matter. Room additions traditionally are sectioned into three types; screened porch, 3 season room and 4 season room. They have different, yet similar names for good reason.

The Difference Between Screened, 3 Season and 4 Season Porches:

Screened-In Porch

Screened PorchThese structures can be called a number of things including sun patio, screened room or screened enclosures; one thing that’s a major distinction of a screened patio is that it typically does’t have windows or solid walls, only screens. A screened patio will bring you close to nature, without leaving you entirely vulnerable to the harsh elements or unmerciful weather Minnesota brings. A major benefit is that the breeze flows as if you were not enclosed at all and mosquitoes and other pests can’t make a meal out of you or anyone else enjoying the space. But because the only thing between you and nature is a screen the space can’t be utilized year-round.

Because screened enclosures rely heavily on the screen that’s surrounding the room, it must be extremely durable, while also allowing a breeze. Dupont has the correct grade of screen that can hold up for your seasonal use. Our builders understand the importance of leaving no small entry available when installing, because pests will find and utilize it.

3 Season Porch

Three Season PorchA three season porch also has many different names, such as patio, porch or deck enclosure. It’s a more extensively constructed area because windows are involved and many times walls or half walls are incorporate into the areas makeup. They have more added protection from the outdoor weather and elements than a screened enclose. A three season porch permits you to interchange both glass and screen panels; which allows the use of a 3 season room addition to extend into the cooler months more comfortably.

Extended time on a three season room is a major benefit, that’s why it’s important to have only quality windows installed by an experienced team. Dupont can provide you with the highest quality windows, doors and installation. So that you can get the most out of your three season patio addition.

4 Season Porch

4 Season PorchThis structure has a variety of aliases, from sunroom to home room addition, interior room, all season porch and many more. These structures are basically a year-round, interior addition to your home. With insulated walls, ceilings, glass, doors and require the proper heating and cooling systems, controlled on a thermostats. A four season room is as climate controlled as your home. You blend this addition to your existing homes exterior or interior materials to match; you can also make a statement by creating an all new design and drawing a distinct line by adding flooring, colors or ceiling architecture not found anywhere else in your home.


Dupont Construction & Remodeling can create an addition that’s sure to catch everyone’s eye. Our services are unmatched in quality, design and customer service. We can create any desired home feature, give us a call today at 763-753-9796, for a free estimate!

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