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Outdoor LivingHave you been contemplating an outdoor living addition? When in the process of deciding what you’re interested in it’s importance to weigh out different options. Creating an outdoor living space will extend comfort to areas of your property you aren’t currently utilizing in the spring, summer, fall and in some cases, even the winter. But if you decide to go with a choice without properly researching, it might not do a thing for you.

Make the most of your Maple Grove, MN home; selecting the right outdoor living addition and choosing experienced and licensed remodelers are both important aspects. Dupont Construction & Remodeling is a trusted Minnesota, family owned business, with the required licenses and an abundance of experience. We encourage you to take a minute and look at our past completed projects.

Our knowledge, experience and training allows us to create outdoor living areas abundant with unique features for a space that is useful and inviting for the whole family. Our experts can create an outdoor kitchen area for cooking and dining; custom create and build the fireplace you have been longing for; construct a deck, designed by you; we can even create an additions that can be used to get closer to nature, while holding all the comforts of your homes interior.

Outdoor Living Space Options For Your Home:

Deck Addition

Are you an aspiring golden goddess? We have the perfect place for you, a deck. The benefits of a deck addition are numerous. Depending on the decks elevation, you can catch a tan and have a birds eye view; drastically eliminating crawling ants and prickly grass that’s found its way threw your towel. A higher elevated deck will bring a steady stream of sun, uninterrupted by any trees that might lend a branch of shade. Depending on your properties position and landscaping, a lower elevated deck most often will catch shade here and there, from the home, surrounding trees or furnishings you select for your deck. A custom deck can be any shape and size, material and color; adding a deck will bring more outdoor joy to your summers.

Fireplace Construction

FireplaceHave you envisioned an earthy and pronounced fireplace focal point for some time but you just don’t know how to go about building it or can’t find the time? Dupont can help! We have and continue to create amazing ways to warm up those spring, sometimes summer and even fall nights and days. Our fireplace construction is limitless! We can build up from the earth, on your deck, in your three season, four season or screened in porch or on your patio. If you have a place for it, we can usually make it happen! Design is your choice but our experienced remodeling experts can help by providing suggestions, only if you wish. We are serious about building a solid fireplace structure that will warm your family and guest, as well as brave the harsh weathers undisturbed.

Season Porch Types

If you are looking for added space you can use year round, a four season porch might be just the additions for you. Unlike a deck, three and four season rooms offer continual shade, for people wanting to keep their skin UV damage free. The type of porch you choose screened, three season or four season will determine how many seasons you can benefit from it. Whether you are looking for a dry place to read a book on a rainy day, a breeze without the sun or an added view with the option for heat and air, porches can solve many of your comfort requests.

As a homeowner, it is your choice to choose which outdoor space you and your loved ones will benefit from. Some want it all, an extremely possible request. Contact the remodeling experts of Dupont at 763-753-9796 today, for a free estimate on your outdoor living space addition desires.

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