New Hope, MN

As the leaves are up for just another week or two we find ourselves enjoying the beautiful Fall weather before winter arrives. The evenings are filled with crisp cool air, time spent with family and friends around a bon fire, soaking up every last minute we can before the snow arrives. What a better way to enjoy your evenings then to be sitting with friends and family around your outdoor dinner table or bonfire on your deck. Fall is our favorite season, even though it is very short. If you are interested in building or giving your current deck a facelift don’t wait any longer. Give us a call today and we would love to talk about your deck designs and options. Get it done before winter so you can start the spring out right enjoying many family and friend dinner parties next year!

We just finished up this beautiful cedar deck for a family in New Hope, MN. This deck was built in all cedar material with a custom black rail railing system. This deck features our famous cocktail rail. If you don’t know what our famous cocktail rail is, it is the new must have of 2017 when building any deck. The cocktail rail gives you space to set down your drink, or anything else along the entire edge of the railing. This gives you lots of room for anything you would like to set down and don’t have space for. It is a great bar for cocktails! If you are interested in building a custom deck or doing a facelift to your current deck we highly recommend the cocktail rail to all of our customers!

We are the North Metro family owned deck building company. Give us a call today and we would be happy to talk about your needs and wants with your custom deck! We specialize in custom designs, special features, different materials and any type of additions you would like to add! We look forward to talking with you!

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