New Composite Deck Construction and pricing, Pros and Cons, Minnesota

Composite decks, also known as “low maintenance decks” are the kind of deck that everyone would love to have. They can give you peace and relaxation in your very own backyard and you can enjoy them for years. They also require very little time and energy to keep them looking great. Last Summer we built this composite deck in Ham Lake, MN. Justins camera 11-13-12 170This deck was built using Trex composite decking in Sandy Rope color, which is a new color that was just released last Summer, and a maintenance free aluminum railing system called Bayer Bilt railing. The combination of the Trex Decking with the aluminum Bayer railing system gives the deck a clean modern look. Justins camera 11-13-12 168Many times homeowners are surprised and can even get “sticker shock” when they see the price of a composite deck, however when you consider that many composite decks will last twice as long as a traditional wood deck, and do not cost any where near twice as much as a wood deck to build, you begin to realize that like most large home purchases, by paying a little bit more up front, you are going to save big in the long run. But sometimes this does not always ease our grips on our pocket books so let me give you a story from my personal experience. I was in the market for a new deck about 7 years ago. The back of my house had looked like a bare canvas for way too long. Since my husband is in the deck building industry I figured we could get a great looking deck at an even greater price. So we sent our lumber list out to a few different lumber suppliers for both treated lumber and composite materials. When they sent back their estimates for what it was going to cost for me to build my deck I was shocked. The Lumber price for Treated lumber was about $11,000 and for composite materials it was about $17,000 (this is just for the lumber! I was getting FREE labor!). Now I know that my deck is a large deck with lots of custom features, but I was really set on only spending the $11,000 for the treated materials and maybe using the extra $6,000 I saved by not buying composite to splurge and buy some really cool deck furniture or a cool outdoor dining set, but my husband was not on board. He said that if he was going to take the time to build this large deck, he was going to do it right, and that meant using the best materials available, composite decking. He said that the time and energy he was going to be putting into the deck did not make any sense if he was just going to have to replace all of the decking and railing in a few years. Well of course I argued because being the “thrifty” shopper that I am, I just did not want to buy decking with such a high sticker price. Needless to say, my husband won. He was the one building the deck so he picked out the materials he was going to work with, even though I pouted all the way to the bank, quite literally. Well he built my deck, 7 years ago, on the back of my house that is very high traffic and faces directly at the sun for the majority of the day (I never considered these things when we were picking out our decking, but come to find out they are VERY important) and guess what? Years later, it still looks great and I have had to do nothing to maintain it. Every Spring I just take out the hose and a scrub brush, and give it a good washing and it’s ready for another Summer of fun. Picture 027Even though I was not happy when I was writing the check, I am so happy now that we built our deck using composite decking. Every year when our families and neighbors are out power washing, sanding and then staining and sealing their decks (which can take about 1-2 weekends), I am just sitting on my deck in the sunshine enjoying a nice ice cold glass of lemonade and thanking my husband for building me a beautiful composite deck. If you would like to have a beautiful deck built onto your home, give us a call today. We offer free estimates! Call our office at 763-753-9796!

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