Materials for Your Deck Plymouth MN

Natural WoodIf you’re searching for a company to build you a custom deck for your Plymouth, MN home; Dupont Construction and Remodeling has your answer! We have years of experience and love what we do. Here’s a few tips to get you on your way to a new deck, created specifically for you, by licensed contracting professionals.

When thinking about your new deck, it can be overwhelming, from the color to the placement, elevation and endless features. At Dupont Construction and Remodeling, we do this day in and day out. Take a breather and first catch up on what decking materials you think will fit best for your lifestyle.

Wood Decking Material

Pressure treated wood is hardy and if properly maintained (meaning yearly or whenever noticeable damages occur) it can last up to a whopping 30 years. The process of pressure treating wood involves a chemical applications, which preserves and protects it from insects and decay. The treatment doesn’t protect from splinters, just a fair warning.

Maintenance Free Decking Material

A popular trend we see is maintenance free; it’s booming in every home improvement industry, from flooring to windows, siding and landscaping. It’s extremely possible to select virtually maintenance free options for your entire home. And decking materials are no different. Aside from the most commonly apparent aspect of these products, being maintenance free, there are other benefits too.

Wood vs Maintenance Free Materials

Maintenance FreeWhile many prefer traditional wood, most stick with the easier option. Both natural wood and manufactured products are offered in a low, mid and high cost range.You’ve heard the saying ‘the more you put in, the more you get out’, this is true in every aspect of your deck construction and life.

Because wood is the product of a naturally grown tree, when you cut that tree down, it dies. Now wood will stay sturdy for quite a while but it needs some help, with sealing and staining. Of course, a higher quality wood will last longer but will still need a good amount of elbow grease.

Composite has been an extremely successful and modern choice but because of that, there are a lot of composite decking materials that are low quality. If you choose a professional deck builder that knows just what materials are high quality and can construct a secure deck, your decking can last over 50 years. They are not indestructible but they can last a while and look good doing it with a pressure wash every few years.

If you like the benefits and options of both, you don’t have to choose. Incorporate both into your deck for a unique and perfect appearance, designed with you in mind.

Reliable Craftsmanship

Reliable services, equal reliable results. In the end, your home improvement addition will only be as good as the team you choose to construct it. Do your homework, check out our past projects and when you have discovered the reasons why we have been the trusted choice for home remodeling and construction projects all over Minnesota; give Dupont Construction and Remodeling a call and set up your free estimate today at 763-753-9796.

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