Maintenance-Free. What does it Actually Mean? Minneapolis MN

Is it Really Free of Maintenance?

Maintenance Free MaterialsWith so many construction and remodeling contractors offering “maintenance-free” promises, it leads a lot of people to believe they can have the qualified remodeling professionals install it, then they can forget it…while that sounds desirable, it’s a little too good to be true. It’s true that the options are pretty much endless – from decking materials, to siding, roofing and windows and the benefits of these products are numerous but they are not truly 100% maintenance free. However, they require dramatically less upkeep than other products, which makes it easy to see why “maintenance-free” options are booming in popularity. 

Why Choose Maintenance Free Exterior?

  • Loads of Extra Free Time
  • Longer Lasting Material
  • Curb Appeal – All Year Long
  • Less Responsibility
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Energy Efficient
  • Increases Home Value

So what’s to Maintain?

The question a lot of people are asking ‘how do I maintain my maintenance-free products?’ Traditional, higher maintenance materials often require the yearly weather proofing applications, staining and painting; which we have all seen completed or completed ourselves, countless times and are tired of putting all their hours into their home each and every year.

Maintenance Free Products Require Simple Attention:Before Maintenance Free

Inspect– While these product are durable and made to take a beating, it doesn’t mean they are indestructible. Minnesota is known for its brutal weather, so it’s always a good idea to take a quick walk through after a big storm or even monthly – just to check on the condition of the materials.

Repair– If you find damages, it’s important to repair them. Damages can harm the integrity of the product and may cause other issues. They will also slowly get worse and affect a larger area. Whether damages are large or small, they can easily be repaired by the professional that installed it.

Light Clean– Like any part of your home or any purchases cleaning is a great way to keep things looking brand-new, preserving the quality for longer and minimizing dirt and germs. It’s always a good idea to look at the manufacturer’s recommendations before doing any invasive types of cleaning, like power washing or applying bleach.

After Maintenance FreeBut by all means, sweep and brush it when you see it’s needed. Hose it off with water; vinegar is an effective, yet gentle cleaning solution, usually great for every instance; weeds and bugs hate it as well – or dish soap.

That’s about it. No hours of staining, down on your knees, up on a ladder or in the hot sun. No painting, waterproofing or any other hard-core, annual duties that need to be done or your home’s appearance will suffer.

Professional Home Construction Minneapolis MN

If you’re interested in benefiting from a maintenance free deck, patio, room addition, or any outdoor living additions Dupont Construction and Remodeling offers only the highest quality materials, whether traditional wood or maintenance free. Contact us today at 763-753-9796, email us at or fill out this short online form!

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