Inver Grove Heights, MN

Screen Porch Inver Grove Heights, MNThere is nothing better than enjoying summer nights on your deck after a long day until the misquotes come out. Once that happens the night is done, but why should it be? Most of the time they are out before it is even dark and ending your night before it has even begun. One of our friends had enough of this and gave us call. They already had a deck that they loved to spend time on but decided the job for us was to build them a screen porch. And so the work began.

Screen Porch
There are many options when building screen porches off of your house wether they are connected to the house, built off a deck, away from a house, or even size and space needed. For this screen porch project we were able to build them a beautiful screen porch right under their deck on top of their existing patio. We were able to instal decking on the ceiling to keep the space under the deck dry and we built the walls and screens from ground to deck. The lower section of the screen porch is knotty cedar and matching siding to the house on the out side of the porch. We even put in a ceiling fan and light and a screen door leading out the other end of the deck making this one of their new favorite places to spend evenings outside.Ceiling Fan for Indoor Screen Porch

Why Build a Screen Porch
Here a few reasons if you are thinking of building a screen porch and why you should do it. -The shade provided by the roof and screens makes the harsh summer sun easier to live with. When you combine a roof, screens, and a ceiling fan summer temperatures are much more controllable.
-Screen porches are much more private, especially when neighbors views look right at your backyard or deck area.
-Having a screen porch allows you to be outside with out bugs and flies but even rain. You can still enjoy your summers outside.
-If you have kids it gives them a great place to play that is not in the house and not having to worry about them outside either. The porch allows a sheltered play area, protected from the weather.
– If you have a screen porch one of the best benefits is not having to worry about the furniture getting wet or dirty. With having cushion furniture on a deck it is the constant struggle of hauling it in and out of the house or having wet and dirty furniture. With a screen porch you never have to worry.

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