Spring will soon be here in the Twin Cities, are you in need of a deck or patio? How about both? We can help you with your addition.

Decks Vs. Patios

Are you the type of people who envy your neighbors who are outside spending time on their porch, deck, or patio this summer? And are you someone who has a hard time making decisions like whether you should choose to build a deck or a patio and wonder where would I spend more time? Well if so then we are here for you! Dupont Construction and Remodeling are here to make your dream projects come true. So now is time for the decision what do you want!?

If your house is in dire need of some outdoor space, adding a deck or patio can increase your square foot without robbing your children of their college educations. Each option offered an area to gather with friends and family, grill out, and relax. The most common way to decide often relies on ones budget, space and needs. Starting with a patio. A patio is often times concrete or done using stone, tile, pavers or other materials to create the foundation. The first problem with this is most patios if not done in concrete, require constant maintenance to keep grass from growing between each piece, keeping them level, and replacing cracks, breaks or other problems. Another problem with choosing a patio is they have to be on ground level so if your home is built on a hill it will require additional work to make a level ground area. Today’s patios might feature accessories like built in fire pits, barbecues, seating areas, the list can go on and on to make them a perfect relaxation area. There are more accessories that can be added on to a patio but many of them can be added to a deck as well.

Why choose a deck over a patio for your outdoor living space? The list is endless. With building a deck today you have an option to choose between wood or vinyl for the material. One of the best things about choosing vinyl is the low maintenance the material provides. The low maintenance decks may be more expensive up front but over the years of owning your deck it can save you in the long run with time and money. Decks may be built off of the lower floor of a home, such as a living room or kitchen, or they might be added to an upper level room or even on a rooftop setting. With all of these options building a deck really allows you to choose exactly how and where you want your deck. Another great thing about decks is the endless list of options from enclosed decks, covered decks, multi level decks, how they can be built around hot tubs or pools, the options really are endless which makes decks much more popular than a patio. Finally decks can be customized with just about everything a patio can from built in seating, barbecues, shaded or screened-in to even adding value to your home. So the final question comes down to what does your family need for an outdoor area now and in the future. Don’t mater what you decide choose Dupont Construction and Remodeling to handle your dream project!

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Spring is almost on the horizon, 2018 is now here! Enjoy this spring and summer on your own new custom deck! We service the Twin Cities and surrounding areas.

Design your own custom deck

It’s true, the deck of your dreams can become reality this season, if you begin working on your custom deck design plans, would you like to add a fireplace, hot tub, pool with a deck or more?  A deck can provide so many different uses for families, there’s really no better way to enhance the enjoyment of your home and property while also increasing the usable outdoor square footage than with a custom deck. Be prepared to plan extended stay-cations this summer on your new custom deck,  will provide you with every amenity you could possibly envision. As a long-time deck building contractor we service Andover MN and many more areas, the professional craftsmen at Dupont Construction & Remodeling can bring to reality everything you’ve been wanting for your deck. 

Increase The Square Footage Of Your Outdoor Living Space With A Custom Deck

Aside from all the fun and functional possibilities are the practical benefits. Let us work with you to determine the best way for your new custom deck addition to extend the reach of your home. For some home designs, simple wide decks are the ideal way to extend the home’s reach, for others, various levels and landings work well. And for certain homes and yards, wrap-around decking increases the usable outdoor square footage without encroaching on yard space. This is where the expert customization and design services at Dupont Construction & Remodeling shine above the others. Our expert Andover MN deck design and planning service uses 3D designs, so you can get a realistic view of your new deck.

Interested In Increasing Your Home’s Value With A Deck?

As your new deck becomes an outdoor living space, it enhances the curb appeal and desirability of your home for resale. It is estimated that decks are among the top home remodel projects in that they provide a return of investment of about 80%.

If you’re ready to move forward on your custom deck project, give us a call today at (763) 753-9796 for a free estimate.

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Have you ever thought about adding a different style of steps to your deck? Look at this unique deck we did in Farmington!

What’s better than choosing your own unique style?

There are so many ways to customize your own deck or porch. From the color of the boards, railings, stairs, posts and more. You get to choose how you want it to look. If you want a unique design that has a custom area for your grill or multiple levels, we can help! Just look at the spiral stairs that we installed with this AZEK maintenance free deck. What a fun idea! 

Decking Components

There are a variety of options to choose from when considering adding some outdoor living space to your home. We have gathered many important aspects of the deck construction process, to help you get a feel for all the choices you will have concerning your custom built deck in Minneapolis. Contact our deck construction professionals for more help with deck designs, layouts and materials.

  • Deck Footings – Holes will be dug in order to pour concrete footings for the deck. This portion of the deck construction process is usually completed to the specific needs of your cities building codes. These concrete deck footings will be a solid support system for the deck posts.
  • Posts – Once the post holes are dug and the concrete has set our deck builders we will then place the posts on the concrete footings. Our building contractors always ensure each decking post is level and the correct height for the deck beams.
  • Beams – Next is the installation of the decking beams, the main structural support of the deck. Installing these horizontal beams correctly and at the proper location can dramatically affect the longevity and structural support of your entire deck.
  • Joists – The joists will then be installed to build and support the deck frame. The size of the deck will determine the size, number and span of the deck joists.
  • Deck Boards – Whether you choose low maintenance composite or natural wood, our deck builders provide only quality decking materials. Because deck boards are the floor of your newly constructed deck, be sure to choose decking with the look and maintenance needs you can live with happily.
  • Deck Accessories – Custom decks give you the ability to choose all your own hardware, railing designs, elect for a gate and design your own staircase. Don’t be afraid to ask us about common deck accessories we install. Our Masonry Contractors are even skilled enough to add a custom kitchen, fireplace or any other type of brickwork addition.

For a custom deck with all the comforts you desire, contact Dupont Construction & Remodeling at 763-753-9796.

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Check out this transformation in Zimmerman, MN!

We updated the front porch of this home to maintenance free AZEK decking, the cedar shakes on this beautiful home and also the pillars. If you’re looking to spruce up your home but don’t want to do a full make over there are many updates that can be done to freshen it up! Just look at the before and after photo’s on this home. It looks incredible! 

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Beautiful Maintenance free deck in Corcoran!

Winter is upon us, wouldn’t you like to have a new deck in the works for this spring? With the warm weather in our minds you want to be prepared for enjoying as much of the spring and summer as you can.

If you are anything like us the first thing you want to do on the warm spring day is pull the grill out and eat dinner outside while enjoying every minute of the warm weather.  Give us a call and we can get started on talking about your dream deck and all of the possibilities there are when designing your outdoor living space. We would love to put you on our list to get your outdoor living space done before the summer.

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New Hope, MN

As the leaves are up for just another week or two we find ourselves enjoying the beautiful Fall weather before winter arrives. The evenings are filled with crisp cool air, time spent with family and friends around a bon fire, soaking up every last minute we can before the snow arrives. What a better way to enjoy your evenings then to be sitting with friends and family around your outdoor dinner table or bonfire on your deck. Fall is our favorite season, even though it is very short. If you are interested in building or giving your current deck a facelift don’t wait any longer. Give us a call today and we would love to talk about your deck designs and options. Get it done before winter so you can start the spring out right enjoying many family and friend dinner parties next year! Continue reading

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White Bear Township, MN

Halloween is right around the corner and that means winter will be here in no time. For those of you that are like us, we love FALL and are not too much a fan of winters. We love to enjoy summer and fall nights out on our decks, siting around with family and friends, enjoying bonfires and dinners together. So if you are anything like us then you love your deck too or you can’t wait to build your custom deck for you and your family. Continue reading

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