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IMG_6038Are you someone who enjoys grilling during the summer but are currently grilling in your garage? If that is true it is time to consider your outdoor living space. Have you considered adding a deck to your home but don’t know where to start? Look no further than Dupont Construction and Remodeling. They are your local Minneapolis deck building contractor with durable products and superior installation techniques you will love. Dupont Construction and Remodeling is here to design and build your custom dream deck that will last for many years to come. Or if you already have a deck but it is in rough shape we at Dupont Construction and Remodeling is here for you. We give deck face-lifts which include repairs, complete tear downs, railing repairs or making the switch from natural wood to maintenance free material.  We are here to make you custom dream designs come to life! Continue reading

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Natural Wood Vs. Maintenance Free Decks

IMG_1616Spring is finally here and it is finally time to start enjoying your time outside again with friends and family. If you live in Minnesota grilling on a back deck is as common as owning a boat or going camping on the weekends. If you own a deck but it needs a serious face-lift then look no further than Dupont Construction and Remodeling. If you don’t have a deck yet but have finally decided outdoor living space has become a must than give us a call and we can start designing your dream deck that is best for you and your family. Continue reading

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East Bethel, MN

IMG_3347The warm weather is finally here! Every day we are getting more daylight and spending more time outside enjoying the fresh air after a long day of work. This warm weather also means it is time to get the grill out and have some friends and family over for dinner. If you have a deck or don’t have a deck but would love the outdoor space to enjoy these warm evenings it is time to give us a call. We build porches, decks and even bring your deck back to life with a new face-lift. Continue reading

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Deck Facelift – Rogers, MN

IMG_1616The snow is gone, sunshine out, warm weather here and everyone is outside again. With this beautiful warm weather already here in February we can’t help but spend time outside and get excited for the warm weather to come. Spring is just around the corner and this is the year to be prepared to enjoy the warm weather as much as we can. The best way to do this is to plan ahead and design your outdoor living space you know you will be spending most of your time on. So start designing of your perfect outdoor living space because if you can dream it we can build it. Continue reading

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New Deck Construction, Woodbury MN

IMG_20160727_172627721With no snow, summer is right around the corner. We will be grilling outside with friends and family, enjoying late night drinks around the fire and most important we will be enjoying the warm weather. It is time to figure out where you will be doing all of these activities in your outdoor living space. We at Dupont Construction and Remodeling are here to help design and build your dream deck. Continue reading

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New Construction, Eden Prairie MN

IMG_1156If you are anything like us the first thing you want to do on the warm spring day is pull the grill out and eat dinner outside while enjoying every minute of the warm weather. We have had a pretty easy winter this far and are hoping for an early spring as a result. With the warm weather right around the corner you want to be prepared for enjoying as much of the spring and summer as you can. Give us a call and we can get started on talking about your dream deck and all of the possibilities there are when designing your outdoor living space. We would love to put you on our list to get your outdoor living space done before the summer. Continue reading

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Deck Facelift

IMG_20160627_185114172The warm air, light humidity, smell of the neighbors grilling and the sun setting is the perfect end to a long day at work. If only you had a deck like your neighbors to enjoy an evening meal and watch the sun set. Well this is the year you will design your deck that will be your outdoor living space for many more years to come. Get ahead of the schedule with the snow gone and spring here and give us a call to start asking about all of the possibilities you have for designing your dream deck. Continue reading

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Eden Prarie

img_1156With the winter snow here and Thanksgiving tomorrow you may think you are out of time to impress your family with a new fireplace, deck or front covered porch. You are wrong. There is plenty of time before Christmas and New Years is here to give your house an upgrade and impress your loved ones with something new and exciting. Plus wouldn’t you love to cozy up around a new fireplace indoor or outdoors this Christmas? Give Dupont Construction and Remodeling a call today and start planning your gift to yourself this holiday. Continue reading

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Brooklyn Park, MN

img_20160518_131021672We are so blessed to still have this beautiful weather at this time of the year. With having this amazing weather we are still building! We are very excited that we are still able to give families beautiful decks, porches, and fireplaces before the holidays. If you want to wow your family this year give us a call and we will make your dream deck, porch or fireplace happen. Continue reading

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