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Woodbury Porch BuildersFinally, warm weather has arrived in Woodbury, MN for the next few months! Recently, it seems like the whole community is out and about enjoying these wonderful temperatures. Whether you are out on the lake, sitting by the pool, or gardening, you are able to enjoy this time of year first hand. What if you were able to experience this climate at your own pace and within the confines of your property, while you read your favorite book and enjoyed a refreshing drink? Well, all of this can be accomplished by partnering with Dupont Construction & Remodeling to create the home porch construction of your dreams!

Why Invest In A Porch?

  • Hosting – What better place to host an event than a recently added on back porch at your house. Crank up that grill and relax under the sun with friends and family.
  • Productive Use of Space – If you are like a lot of families in Woodbury, MN, the backyard of your residence has a lot of wasted space. Why not utilize some of the unused area and invest in one of our 3 and 4 season porches for your home.
  • Increase Value of Home – With a competitive housing market, it is important that your house stands out against the rest. Porches are very popular these days, so rest assured that the value of your home is sure to rise by investing in this addition.
  • A Place to Relax – Sometimes it is nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of your family. By investing in a porch for your home, you can have a place to get away for a little bit that is far enough to experience peace, but close enough to be available if needed.

The Dupont Touch

Porch Builders Woodbury MNDupont Construction & Remodeling is a locally owned, family run company that has a passion for serving the great community of Woodbury, MN. Over the years, we have maintained our small business focus so that we can continue to keep our home addition prices low. To show our customers how important you are to us, Justin Dupont, owner of our company, will be on the job making sure that the project goes exactly as planned. In addition to competitive pricing, the quality materials that we use are long lasting, low maintenance, durable and built to last!

Don’t let another season pass by before you invest in a home porch addition for your home. If you live in Woodbury, MN, team up with Dupont Construction & Remodeling today for all of your porch needs. Give us a call at (763) 753-9796 to set up a free estimate.

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