Four Season Room Addition Ramsey MN


Four Season PorchNow is the time, Ham Lake, MN is full of sunshine, crisp breezes and green grass. After our hibernation months have left us we all crave the outdoors. Everyone crack the windows and open the doors, it hit 50 degrees! Now we can get out of that wall confined living space and into nature.

What if I told you that there’s a way to enjoy your surroundings and add to your existing living space, year round? There is, when you add a four season porch to your home. If this thought excites you there’s more..because the room is currently non-existent the layout and design possibilities are endless.

Four Season Porch Design

Match your home from exterior to interior, if you would like. Or take a bold, more modern approach and make a statement with different exterior and interior material and coloring. Create a retreat that can be used in your home, every day of the year. Add architecture and bring extra personality that your other home areas are lacking. A four season porch is really a major home improvement that is only limited by your imagination. Of course, there’s also code compliance that comes into play but as long as the city approves of your custom building designs, we can create your dream.

Four Season Porch Structure

A true four season porch has a foundation or poured footings, heating, cooling, is insulated, has electric and needs to be energy-efficient, in order to withstand our Minnesota weather. Windows can be a part of the addition but they need to be withing energy code standards. When you trust your home addition to Dupont Construction & Remodeling, we will pass the inspection with flying colors, the first time.

A Porch Addition for Every Season:

Four Season Porch In Spring

The snow is melting, enjoy the view of the longer days and shorter nights. Catch some natural light before sunbathing season is in full swing. Maybe even open a window or two to bring in a gentle wind. It is not long now before swimming pools and popsicle.

Four Season Porch in Summertime

Escape from the high heat and humidity but still enjoy the flush scene. Read a book with natural light but not in the scorching temperatures. On a cool night, the sounds of nature can be soothing but if the insects get to be too much, take yourself inside, get cozy in your four season porch and still hear nature without the close, annoying buzz.

Four Season Porch in Fall

Grab your blankets, view the stars and if it gets too chilly close the windows. Start up the fire place you had Dupont install for warmth. Hear the rainfall surrounding you, soon it will be snow that falls.

Four Season Porch in Winter

Brrrr its cold, good thing your four season porch is not only as warm as your home (thanks to that insulation) but it also has perspective. Let the snow fall, your by a fire, warm with loved ones and safe at home. The only thing left now is a cup of cocoa and marshmallows.

Enjoy the comforts and memories a four season porch will bring your family and you. Make sure your home addition is installed correctly, call the experts at Dupont Construction & Remodeling today 763-753-9796. Find the sliver lining in every season!

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