Fireplace, St. Francis MN

img_20160901_191011475With the cool air starting to coming in and the leaves slowly starting the change, summer is almost over. We love this time of the year when the pumpkin ciders, hot chocolate, and bon fire season begins. One of our favorite things to do is sit out side with family and friends and enjoy a bon fire at night. And what a better place to enjoy your bon fire then on your deck; that’s right I said on your deck. Most people never even knew this was possible but Dupont Construction and Remodeling is always pushing for the next best thing.

Bon Fires On A Deck
Who knew it was even possible to have bon fires on a deck? But it sounds amazing! Here at Dupont Construction and Remodeling we really want to help you design your dream deck and if your dream deck has a bon fire pit then that is what we will give you! What we did for this family in St. Francis was build them a beautiful wrap around Azek deck with a large stone wood burning fireplace in the corner. Not only did we give them a beautiful stone wood burning fireplace on their deck but we made the stone fireplace a two stories so they could also enjoy an evening fire down below on their patio. Making this the ultimate dream deck in my opinion.

If you are choosing to add a fireplace in the corner of your deck might as well make it two stories right?! With a two story fireplace you just doubled your “favorite outdoor area.” One of our favorite things about adding a fireplace to your deck is the unlimited options. Not only can you choose from a variety of stones, colors, and textures but you can truly design now large you want it. You can also decide like this family did if you want some extra areas to store the wood for the fire or maybe you are more interested in adding some long stone benches. The options are endless when you choose Dupont Construction and Remodeling for your next dream deck.

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