Fireplace Designs

Outdoor Living WoodburyThe smell of bon fires on a cool fall day is one of our favorites. If you are anything like us then you love sitting around a bon fire at the end of a long work day or on a weekend with family and friends. One of the pains of having a fire pit is they are typically at the edge of your property or towards the woods if you have any which can limit the time you actually spend having and enjoying a fire. What if you could have one right out your patio door or off you deck? Wouldn’t that make life a little easier and more enjoyable? Well here at Dupont Construction and Remodeling this is something we can do for you.

Fireplace Designs
One of the best thing about adding a fireplace to your deck is the options are endless. You can have a fireplace on an outdoor or covered deck, a screened in porch, a deck with a pergola over it, or even attached to your home. Along with the location of your fireplace you can truly design it however you want from size, function, accessories added on, to color and texture. Some of the new designed accessories may be benches to sit on off the sides of the fire place, built in places to store your wood, a mantle on top, or even an attached outdoor kitchen. Some maybe even prefer an outdoor fire place with out a chimney and we can do that too. At Dupont Construction and Remodeling we truly want you to have your dream deck don’t matter how unique it may be.

Why Choose Us
One of Dupont Construction & Remodeling greatest assets is every project we do, is different from the last. We never stop looking for the next best thing to make your life easier whether that be a fireplace or a custom deck around your outdoor hot tub. Our small family owned and operated business allows us to give your project the extra attention it needs to ensure your and our high-quality standards. So when deciding your next custom maintenance free deck, custom railing system, or custom designed stairs, choose us as your contractor and we promise to make your project our priority!

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