Face lift in Andover, MN! They chose to go with maintenance free and it looks great!

Face lift-What is a face lift?


Well let me explain it here. A face lift is what we call it, when we’re able to reuse the current framing, and footings on a deck. This deck actually needed on of the 6″ x 6″ posts replaced so we did that as well. What we do is we remove the old decking, railings, and stairs (if you have them) and replace the decking, railings, and stairs. These homeowners decided to give their deck a face lift. It saves money as well, we don’t have tear down a completed deck and we reuse the existing framing, and footings as long as they are ingood shape. It’s amazing what a face lift can do for an old deck. It looks brand new! 

What is this deck made out of?

This deck is a AZEK maintenance free deck with Trex select white railing system with black circular aluminum balusters. White fascia boards around the perimeter of the deck and 2 white solar post caps on the railing.













If you are looking to have a deck face lift or build a deck this summer look no further then Dupont Construction and Remodeling. We specialize in everything decking. Whether that be a new porch, a wrap around deck, patio, fireplace or a deck face lift we know how to make your outdoor living space perfect to accommodate your family. Give us a call today and lets talk your dream outdoor living space. 763-753-9796 or 651-674-5699

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