Exterior Brick Installation Rogers MN

Is the outside surface of your Rogers, MN home looking a little run down? Maybe the stucco is fading, your siding is cracked or you are looking to add some appeal by installing brick to an overall, boring home appearance. You’re in luck, Dupont Construction & Remodeling has the skills and experience needed to give your home some serious curb appeal. There are multiple ways of improving the exterior of your home, not only for look but also for durability. Below is some information which will help you decide if a brick installation would be an exterior improvement best suited for your home.

Brick Installation

Brick Typically brick siding is found on higher end homes. But don’t be discouraged if your home currently doesn’t hold even one brick, with the correct installation, brick can add value, character and appearance to your existing home. A brick installation can consist of adding a brick boarders, archways, incorporating brick on the front of your home or completely side your entire house. The choice is up to you.

Another choice that falls in your hands is employing a company to lay and secure the brick. Most people (that do not work in the professional brick installation service field) believe that brick is weatherproof and with withstand all conditions as long as it is secure. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Brick is relatively porous, which means that without an experienced and informed brick installation problems can occur, like mold growth and other water damage issues. The experts at Dupont Constructions are aware and have specific methods to ensure there will be no moisture problems occurring by properly creating a barrier, drainage plain, proper flashing and weep holes.

Brick InstallationAnother factor professionals consider when updating an exterior surface on a home is the existing surface that has to be worked around or discarded. Brick needs to be installed on a solid structure, such as the homes foundation, a concrete surface or a wood surface. Brick can not simply be laid over existing siding. Many times, the existing building material will need to be removed before brick can be successfully installed.

Whether you are looking for solid brick laid from the ground up, brick veneer or any other brick installation, contact Dupont Construction & Remodeling. We can install the correct type of brick that will not only protect your home but also add an amazing appearance. With over five hundred remodeling projects successfully completed, we know our stuff!

Call the professionals at Dupont Construction & Remodeling today at 763-753-9796, for a free estimate.

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