Designing Your Deck

Deck ConstructionWhen the weather is good here, we want to enjoy it and one of the best ways to get more enjoyment out of the water on your property is by adding a deck. Decks are our specialty here at Dupont Construction and Remodeling. Our licensed builders have the knowledge, experience and materials to build an outdoor living space that will be injured for years to come.

Plan for the way you live

When designing your deck start with general ideas of what the deck can do to enhance your life. What will you really use the deck for? For instance, if you don’t have company over much maybe you want to emphasize a more intimate gathering and dining area, or if you are someone who enjoys having lots of company then you want to plan on a large gathering space. Then once you have the basics down for square feet the fun part comes.

When you are done deciding how big or small you want your deck and what is going to be the basic function you can get into the details. Starting with the materials. May people today are choosing to spend large amounts for maintenance free material vs. using the traditional natural cedar wood. Both are great options but unfortunately come down to price in the end. Either option you choose you will still have a beautiful deck in the end it will just be how much maintenance you will have to do for it.

Final Details

Finally for the fun part you can start choosing your colors, railings, posts, cocktail railings, lights and much more! This is the best part of designing your deck because you can add as many fun features as you can think of. When choosing the final features keep in mind what you will use the most and what will benefit you and your family. Dupont Construction & Remodeling is here for you. Call Dupont Construction & Remodeling today at 763-753-9796, or email us at to start designing your dream deck.

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