Designing a Custom Deck, St. Paul, Minnesota

There are lots of reasons to build a new deck, It adds value and living space to your home. And it gives you and your family a place to relax and enjoy during the warm and sunny spring and summer months as well as the cooler crisp autumn months. However before building your deck you should carefully consider all of the reasons that you are building this space and what functions this space will need to serve for you. This will help create a deck design that is not only inviting but also functional. Deck Pictures 2011 024.jpg

The first step when planning a deck is determining the decks future location. For this you will need to consider the following: What size do you want the deck to be? Is there a particular shape that you would like the deck to have? What about the surrounding landscaping?

Some of these features may be more important to you than others but you should always keep them in mind while planning your deck project.

Some additional factors to be considered are:

1. Access, will the deck be in a convenient location? is there going to be easy access to and from the deck? Are there any existing doors or walls that will need to be considered or possibly removed?

2. Direction, which direction does your residence face? This is extremely important because if you build your deck facing the sun, you might need to think about how you will get shade from the suns heat during a hot summer day. Maybe adding a pergola above the deck in this area. You may also need to consider the materials that you will be building a deck with. Wood will get incredibly hot during a sunny summer day making it uncomfortable to walk on with bare feet, while some of the decking composites that are available on the market today may be able to stay cooler in the full sun.

3. Privacy, this is very important. You must make sure that your deck design offers you privacy from your neighbors. There is nothing more annoying than sitting on your deck for a nice BBQ with your family only to see your neighbors smiling out their windows looking at you and your BBQ with their mouths watering. There are many options available to eliminate this type of scenario and a well designed deck should not have this problem.bbq

4. Design and Flow, your new deck should look like an extension onto your existing house. This is where we come in. We custom design decks to flow with the existing character of your home to make your new deck compliment to your existing homes architecture and not appear to just be an afterthought that was thrown onto the house. Justin Taunton Final 090

5. Materials, The most common deck building materials used are wood like cedar or Treated lumber. These can either be sealed or stained. However with all of the new composite decking and railing materials that are available it is important to explore all of your options and to consider all of the factors that are involved in the design of your deck when you are choosing your decking and railing materials. We can help you choose the materials that will look the best and serve your purposes for your deck project the best.

Once you have thought out all of the above considerations, it’s time to give us a call to help you design and build your beautiful new deck!

Our estimates are always free, call us today! Call our office at 763-753-9796.



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