Deck Facelift

IMG_20160627_185114172The warm air, light humidity, smell of the neighbors grilling and the sun setting is the perfect end to a long day at work. If only you had a deck like your neighbors to enjoy an evening meal and watch the sun set. Well this is the year you will design your deck that will be your outdoor living space for many more years to come. Get ahead of the schedule with the snow gone and spring here and give us a call to start asking about all of the possibilities you have for designing your dream deck.

What material to choose?IMG_20160831_184100441

Dupont construction and remodeling specialized in building decks from small front porches to elaborate out door living spaces with hot tubs, fireplaces, and built in outdoor kitchens off your upstairs patio door. We have been building custom decks since 2001 in the North Metro area and can build you what ever you dream deck includes. The first thing to think about when designing your deck is do you want to use real natural wood or composite decking materials? Here are a couple of differences to help you choose what is the best option for you. The main reason most people choose natural wood like cedar is the initial cost savings. The natural wood option does require more upkeep but will give you a beautiful natural wood color and look. What most love about the composite deck material is the no maintenance required. Although the composite decking material does run at a higher price than the natural wood material it will last for many years with out any upkeep required and the color possibilities are endless. This will be the biggest decision you make when designing your deck and after you will get to choose the fun stuff like the post lighting, cocktail rails and custom railings.

The Deck Face-lift

We finished this deck last year by giving it a deck face-lift. We ended up removing the existing deck and railing and installed a new Azek decking and built a custom railing. We also installed new decking on the spiral stairs and finished it off with the custom cocktail railing top. The cocktail rail is our favorite deck feature we offer at Dupont Construction and Remodeling. The cocktail rail is a wider rail top that was designed to be able to set your drink on the top railing. This is a great example of some of the possibilities you can do if you already have a deck but could use a few upgrades. If you are thinking about adding a new deck or just making some upgrades to the deck you have give us a call today and lets talk design!

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