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IMG_20160831_183837728If you live in Minnesota then you like everyone else, enjoy the lifestyle of grilling and having a few cocktails on your deck with friends and family. Dupont Construction & Remodeling is also part of the Minnesota group and we enjoy the same lifestyle in our outdoor living spaces. With Minnesota summers flying by in a few short months we want you to enjoy as much time as you can outside. If you are looking for a deck building contractor in Plymouth, MN, consider Dupont Construction & Remodeling! We offer maintenance free decking, custom railing systems and even custom designed stairs. We look forward to building your deck so that you can enjoy it for many summers to come!

The Cocktail Rail
We just finished building this beautiful maintenance free Azek deck with our custom built railing we call the “Cocktail Rail.” If you are wondering what a “Cocktail Rail” is don’t worry it was made for you! Our Cocktail Rail is built and designed with a matching deck board on top of the railing which provides a wide surface so drinks can be set on top compared to most maintenance free or “composite” rails are often referred to as too skinny and are curved on the top so you can’t set drinks on them. So when building your next maintenance free deck make sure to ask us for the cocktail rail!

IMG_20160627_190002705Why Choose Us
One of Dupont Construction & Remodeling greatest assets is every project we do, is different from the last. We never stop looking for the next best thing to make your life easier whether that be a Cocktail Railing or a custom deck around your outdoor hot tub. Our small family owned and operated business allows us to give your project the extra attention it needs to ensure your and our high-quality standards. So when deciding your next custom maintenance free deck, custom railing system, or custom designed stairs, choose us as your contractor and we promise to make your project our priority!

If you live in Plymouth, MN and are looking for a deck building contractor, please look no further than Dupont Construction & Remodeling. We offer all styles of maintenance free decking, as well as fixing and repairing your older deck with custom railing systems or custom designed stairs that may be a better solution for you. For more information about our team, give us a call today at 763-753-9796 or email us at

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