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Deck Builders St Louis Park MNThe ground you have beneath your feet needs to be stable. Imagine what would happen if you were walking in your home and the flooring collapsed under you. Though a scary situation, most homeowners can relax because building codes offer the guidelines necessary to keep you and others safe in your home. And constructing a deck is no different, your local city has a list of building codes that are designed to keep safe conditions; that is if they are followed precisely. An unstable deck can mean an unfortunate fate for someone close to you. Because it is so important to know your deck is safe, it is also equally important to know that the deck builder you choose is properly licensed, insured, experienced and has a long list of references.

Deck Warning Signs

If you already have a deck of your own, it is important to know the signs of a dangerous deck. It is estimated half of the decks in America are not up to code.  Below are some common signs your older deck is failing or your existing deck isn’t dangerous.

  • Installation – Installation is key when wanting a quality, long lasting deck addition. It may cost you less up front to build your own deck but the longevity of a deck may suffer. A simple mistake could weaken the frame and create dangerous conditions. Contacting a professional deck building contractor near St. Louis Park that is qualified and meets local city codes can prove to be both cost effective and safe. Dupont Construction and Remodeling has been constructing decks in our local area for over 15 years.
  • Rotting Wood – Wood rot is a common issue for existing decks. All decks need to withstand our Minnesota weather, regardless if you’ve chosen pressure treated wood or not, wood rot will happen due to our climate and all the rain, snow and ice. Rotting wood can be easily missed, look for slight color changes, a wrinkled appearance and areas that are weak to the touch. If you identify what you think is wood rot on your deck, contact a local decking professional promptly for an inspection and keep people off of your deck.
  • Secure Railings & Gates – Wobbly railings and loosened gates are major hazards! Especially because the people that tend to use these deck features need extra stability and could get quite hurt if the opposite happens. Our deck building professionals can ensure the security of lasting railings that are installed and designed for your family needs.

Contact Dupont Construction if you notice any dangerous conditions on your deck, we can offer affordable deck replacement services for a stable and secure outdoor living addition you can enjoy for years to come with your family. Call us at 763-753-9796.

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