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Deck UpdateOne of the many advantages of owning a home is that the property is also yours to do with what you want. All though this can be a major perk, it can also be a major hassle. Maintenance is required in every inch, both inside and outside of your home, to keep a good looking place to call home.

Dupont Construction and Remodeling knows that sometimes life gets ahead of us and yearly maintenance may fall through the cracks, which can lead to an unappealing deck….but that’s okay because we have your solution – Deck Facelifts!

Upgrade your Deck

Deck UpgradeDupont has constructed, from scratch, countless decks which have all endured the test of time and the Minnesota harsh weather but where were we when you needed us? That’s a question we can’t answer as easily but we’re here for you now! Whether your deck was constructed prior to our companies startup, which was in 2001 or you just hadn’t stumbled across our beautiful, custom deck creations until now, we don’t blame you….we just want to see you enjoy your home and all the comforts that you desire of it.

If you have an existing deck that’s in rough shape, it’s not too late – we can help! We can successfully complete any repairs and get your deck back to looking brand new or even better than it was. Regardless if the railing is hanging on by a thread or the deck boards are eroding away faster than you expected, we can fix it. Don’t like your standard stairs leading down to your yard? We can change it! Make it spiral or move the entire location when Dupont is on the job.

Deck RenovationsMaybe your deck is just too much work. You’ve got much more important things to do than stain and waterproof the whole area each year. You liked the look at first but it’s just not practical anymore…We can successfully swap out that high maintenance decking to a low maintenance option.

Enlarge your deck! Yep, Dupont’s expert contractors can do just that. We will add more space, another level, encompass a pool, or wrap it around your house – whatever your requests, we can find the perfect solution.

Add Functionality to Your Deck

Is your deck great but when the sun fades and the stars come out is it a little too dark to utilize? Or are the mosquitoes making you their appetizer, dinner and desert? We can help you find a way to use your deck day and night, rain or shine, mosquitoes or not. Some of our more popular deck accessories include:

  • Spiral StaircaseScreened in Area
  • Solar Powered Railing Post Caps
  • Custom Built Outdoor Kitchens
  • Built-in Seating
  • Fireplace Creations
  • Pergolas
  • Safety Gates and Railings

To create or revamp your dream deck contact Dupont Construction and Remodeling today at 763-753-9796 or email us at!


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