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Outdoor LivingDo you love the outdoors? Grilling outside, enjoying the sunset or a nice relaxing fire, but you don’t have an enjoyable place to do these activities? If you live in the Elk River, MN area and you’re itching to get outside to enjoy the little time we have left in Minnesota’s warm weather, it’s time to consider Dupont Construction and Remodeling – we can build a deck perfect for your entertaining and relaxing needs.

Dupont Construction and Remodeling can help assist you in building the perfect outside oasis of your dreams. We are highly professional, licensed contractors who have years of experience in deck building. Our years of experience allows us to be extremely knowledgeable in every detail when building decks, patios, porches, and even surrounding decks for that pool or hot tub you enjoy so much. When building such a beautiful piece and landmark, you want the utmost quality. Something you can enjoy and show off for many years to come.

Quality Deck Construction Elk River MN

When choosing a company to complete your outdoor oasis, you should consider the quality of how you want your deck built. Below are the three materials you should always have quality in.

Deck Foundation

This is the first step in building your new oasis. Without this, your deck would feel as if you were on the lake and if you don’t have your sea legs on, it’s not going to be a happy ending for anyone. Making sure you have a quality foundation for you deck will ensure its life for many years to come. After all, we can’t forget about all the weather changes in Minnesota. Without a foundation that can withhold the freezes and the flooding in the spring, your deck surely isn’t going to last.

Deck Material

Deck wood should be the first thing you think of when you think quality deck. If the wood isn’t good quality, you’ll have to worry about weather. Here in Minnesota, we truly have four seasons. Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. All of those seasons come with hazard to your outdoor space.If the wood isn’t cured correctly, you’ll have to worry about the wood
rotting from water damage or even bugs.

Railing Material

When building a deck, the next step is adding railings for safety. Safety in itself should also mean quality. You want your deck to last for many years of enjoyment for you, your family, and your friends. Without quality, you’ll be facing the same outcome as your deck would if you don’t play it safe. When adding the railings or screwing down the boards for your deck you should make sure the hardware is the same condition as everything else. Fasteners and screws are the back bone to your new oasis, so why shouldn’t it be quality?

At Dupont Construction and Remodeling we stand by a job well done and pride ourselves with detail orientation. Our work always meets and exceeds local building codes, so you can be assured your project is completed to the highest level of quality.

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