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deck building contractor AndoverWhat type of material is best to use for your new deck? For some homeowners, the decision is easy, but others will want a brief education on what materials are available, as well as a breakdown of their pros and cons. The truth is that there’s no specific type of deck material that is required for a certain situation, the choice is completely up to the homeowner. As a long-time deck builder in Andover, MN, the professionals at Dupont Construction & Remodeling know that there are several key factors that come into play when deciding exactly what type of deck material you’ll choose. Here’s a basic rundown on the pros and cons of the most common deck materials in Andover MN that homeowners typically choose when building new decks.

Options For Decking Materials

Not many years ago wood was the primary material available for deck construction projects. With practically no other choices of materials, deck building was much simpler. Today, along with a wide range of wood species and stains to choose from, composites and artificial deck materials are popular choices. Homeowners can choose between natural, composite, and artificial materials that all provide just about any look to please all homeowners. So what factors are important when choosing the type of deck material for your new deck? In addition to how the decking material will look, other factors include budget, climate, maintenance, durability, and the intended use for your deck.

Pros And Cons Of Pressure Treated Wood Decks In Andover MN

Wood Deck AndoverPressure Treated Wood is the most common of all the deck materials. PT wood is widely available, provides the most natural look, and requires regular maintenance.

  • PROS: Economical, natural look, long-lasting, easily cleaned, available in varying grades, sturdy, most pressure treated materials are resistant to decay and moisture and dings.
  • CONS: Requires regular maintenance/power washing and sealing to keep clean, prevent cracking and warping, and to maintain weather resistance, fades over time.

Composite Decking Pros And Cons

Andover Composite DeckComposite decking typically is made of a composite of recycled plastic, wood fibers, sawdust, or wood chips. There are several manufacturers of composite decking and each feature their own array of natural looking, low maintenance decking while constantly working behind the scenes to provide the latest and greatest in efficiency, longevity and beauty.

  • PROS: Not likely to fade, resists mold, mildew, rotting, and warping, able to mimic natural and even exotic woods, low maintenance – no sealing or painting needed, highly durable, easy to clean, provides a consistent and clean look.
  • CONS: Most expensive choice, special features (non-slip, upgrade finish) cost even more money, some choices have an obvious artificial appearance.

Deck Building Contractors In Andover MN

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