Deck and Gazebo Facelift, Maple Grove MN

To transform your ordinary deck into a beautiful and comfortable space that you will enjoy, you should start with a professional deck design tailored to your home. Every home offers various prospects for building a creative design for an attractive and useful deck. A truly attractive deck design is one that incorporates your existing home and garden. If you own an older home, chances are that you have a wood deck that needs some revamping or a “deck face lift” as we like to call it.

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Although sometimes these old decks can be an eyesore that you just want to tear down and haul away, they can also be quite helpful in determining the ideal characteristics of your new deck. As well as save you money if your old deck frame is in good condition and can be reused in the new deck construction.

Having a deck in place is going to help you immensely when performing a deck face lift. You can ask yourself the following questions.

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Does our current deck location provide you with shade? If not maybe an expansion can be added to your deck to provide you with a shaded area that you can enjoy. If your yard does not have natural shade from trees, then it may be important to place a pergola or gazebo on your deck to give you the much needed shade that you will desire on a hot summer day.

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You can also ask yourself does our current deck layout provide us privacy from our neighbors or busy streets or lots in your area. If you do not currently have the privacy on your deck that you desire than it may be a good idea to include privacy panels when remodeling your deck.

Also consider the placement of your deck on your existing home. Is it placed off a living room? This can cause problems if you have a carpeted living room, the heavy foot traffic from the deck will track across your living room and very quickly soil your carpets. It is always best to place a deck off of a Kitchen area, this makes it much easier to move food and dishes inside and outside if you care to enjoy a nice meal on your deck.

Our professional deck designers can help you figure out the layout and the materials that are going to work best for your new deck based on the factors that are already in place with your existing deck.

Another great idea when remodeling your deck to make it seem bigger and get a more specific use of space is to provide multiple spaces for specific purposes. You can have multiple deck levels or just sectioned areas. You can have a reading nook that is shaded and set back from the high traffic areas, an area in full sun for lounging or sun tanning or a step up to a dinning area where you can cook and entertain with a bump out to set your grill on to keep it out of the way of people walking around the deck.

Designed properly, a deck remodel can provide innumerable hours of enjoyment for you, your friends and family as well as increase the value of your home.

Call our office today to have a designer come out to give you a free estimate on how much it would cost to give your old deck a new face lift. Call our office at 763-753-9796.

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