Custom Deck Construction Rogers MN

Wood DeckDupont Construction takes pride in every home improvement project we complete. Which is why we’d like to take some time and share with your one of our latest, custom built decks – which now stands tall in Rogers, MN. Deciding to add a deck to your home is a personal choice you can make that will extend the outdoor living space, create breathtaking vantage points and allow you to relax; all within your own residential property.

Our licensed, insured, bonded and highly experienced construction contractors are precise in every detail. As long as your city code approves it, we can build it! The possibilities are endless, lets look at what our recent homeowners decided on:

Treated Wood Decking

Wood DeckingNothing can beat the beauty of a high quality, gorgeously stained, wood deck. With all the organic grains, the character is outstanding, truly an unmatched sight when comparing to man-made materials. There is a catch, something that beautiful could never be low maintenance but with proper keep-up, a treated deck could last you around 50 years. Maintaining a pressure-treated wood deck requires regular cleaning, such as sweeping, rinsing, hosing, brushing, sanding, waterproofing and staining. This process needs to be done at lease once a year. The results of your hard work will be stunning!

Aluminum Railing

Wood Deck Side ViewWe’ve focused on the decking, lets take a look at the beautiful, yet functional railings. The aluminum posts are white, with the middle sections black. This creates a really nice contrast, from both on the deck and off. The aluminum material they chose is virtually free of maintenance, a quick cleaning now and again will do it. This is a sturdy and safe addition that also brings more personality to the structure.

Solar Caps

Just because it’s dark outside doesn’t mean you have to go in for the night, or pay extra to illuminated your deck. One of the most popular deck lighting options of today is a solar cap. Solar cap lighting harness the energy of the sun all day and use it to light up your night, free of monthly energy costs. The great part is you don’t need a light on every railing post, you can pick and choose how many or few lights brighten your deck in the dark of the night.

Stone Wrap

Deck Side ViewThis is another way to personalize and add a little something special. Our construction crew are highly experienced in masonry work as well. You can use that to your advantage and add brick or stone wrap around the deck posts. It’s just another gorgeous addition that you can choose when you depend on the expertise of Dupont Construction and Remodeling.

This is just one of the many eye-catching decks Dupont has constructed. Look through our gallery and get ideas for your own custom deck construction. Call us today for a free deck building consultation at 763-753-9796 or email us at The sooner you call, the sooner we can finish your personalized masterpiece!

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