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Are you looking to add some leisure space to your home? Maybe you finally want to enjoy the beautiful views of your backyard oasis, or your just sick of being surrounded by four walls. Regardless of your scenario, Dupont Construction and Remodeling offers Custom Deck Building Services for the entire Twin Cities area. Whether your family is growing, your hobbies are changing or you have finally saved up enough to invest in a custom designed and constructed deck – our deck construction team in Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN can fit your home addition needs. Let’s start by addressing some decking factors you should have in mind, prior to our meeting, such as the multiple selections of deck designs, deck materials, deck railings and so much more

Minnesota Deck Construction Contractors | 3D Deck Designs

Deck Addition Twin CitiesIt is fun to fantasize about a new deck. Where would you place it? In the front to welcome guests? On the side for easy access to the yard? Or maybe you want a deck to walk out to from your master bedroom. By partnering with Dupont Construction and Remodeling for your deck building needs, the options are endless. Prior to any work being done, we sit you down and design the perfect deck, so you can actually see what the final project will be, in 3D!

Popular Deck Designs:

  • Platform Decks – Platform Decks are constructed lower to the ground, great for a level yard and homes that are closer to the earth below.
  • Single Story Decks – Simple, yet perfect. A single story deck will give you that extra space and function without lowering any headroom below.
  • Multi-Level Decks – Multi Level Decks are a great way to break up areas. Maybe you pick a perfect place for tanning on the upper deck, another for eating in the shade, one that perfectly fits your lounging furniture and yet another for when the children need to let out some energy (away, yet close to you).
  • Freestanding Deck – Although many agree a house needs a deck, on the contrary, a deck doesn’t need a house. Do you have a beautiful view in the middle of your yard? Draw attention to it, allow yourself to enjoy that view by adding a freestanding deck, wherever you like on your property.

Important Aspects of your Deck


Now that you have some idea of the layout you’re into, whether you prefer simple or you’re ready to throw a party on it, there are still some more factors to choose on your path to a beautiful deck, custom built and designed for your life and living.

  • Deck Builders Twin Cities MNSize – Lot lines and other specific city codes and factors may play a role in the size of your deck, but it doesn’t hurt to dream or at least think of how you will be realistically using your deck and how much space you would like for entertaining, furniture, plants, storage, cooking, etc.
  • Material – The decking material you choose will play a big part in your daily life. There are 2 major players when deciding on deck materials: Wood & Composite. One is natural, requiring upkeep. While the other is man-made and designed for little hassle after installation. Wood decks tend to be a more affordable, initial investment but will require more deck maintenance than composite. There’s not one right answer, as long as you work with a qualified contractor and choose quality products, your life decides your decking material.
  • Deck Builders MNRailings/Safety Hazards – This too all depends on your life. Are you looking to child proof you deck? Or are you looking for a stable railing that doesn’t compromise any of the view? Our deck design experts can help you look more into railings, doors and any other safety measures with you personally. So your deck is not just one that you like, it is exactly what you desire.
  • Focal Point – It helps to decide your focal point(s), the center of interest on your deck. Is it a grill? A table for dinning? A fire place? An outdoor kitchen? A beautiful piece of furniture? Whatever it is, working around what you know you want placed on your deck will help the final result flow beautifully.
  • Style – This is just for fun. There are plenty of decks without personality but that doesn’t have to be yours. The best thing about ‘style’ is that it can change seasonally, yearly, or even every couple years. What kind of atmosphere are you trying to create? Ever think about going exotic and select a Moroccan theme with colorful patterns and long curtains swaying in the wind? Or you could stick with the modern clean cut look. You could always keep it earthy and add some brick work or stone wrapped posts. The beauty of it is that it is all up to you!

Deck Builders in the Twin Cities MN

If you are looking to get this deck up and in your yard as soon as possible, contact Dupont Construction & Remodeling and we will get this ball rolling. Our company specializes in custom deck designing and building, we will get you a unique home addition that will turn heads and put a smile on your face in the warmer months. Contact our Twin Cities Deck Construction team by calling (763) 753-9796.


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