Custom Deck Accessories Maple Grove MN

Deck AccessoriesSpring was here in Maple Grove, Minnesota but as many of us glare out the window at the snow, that has just fallen down, it seems to have already left us… It’s sure to arrive again. The warm months are a great time to enjoy your existing deck and breathe in the fresh air. If you feel your deck is lacking in amenities, now is the time to decide what accessories interest you. Dupont Construction & Remodeling can take your ordinary deck and turn it into the talk of the town!

We specialize in custom built decks and their accessories. If you can dream it, we can create it, right in your back yard! Feel like your at a resort anytime you step onto your deck. Our skill and your design will collaborate to make the perfect use of your backyard space.

Deck Accessories Include:

Custom Built Kitchens:

If you are a home that hosts birthdays, holidays, parties or any other event frequently, an outdoor kitchen will give you additional cooking, storing and eating space. A custom made outdoor kitchen can be crafted on an existing deck or built up from the ground. We can design an area that can include a fridge, grill, storage and counters. Efficiency, quality and durability can allow for a working outdoor kitchen all year long, even in Minnesota.

Custom Made Fireplaces:

Are you tired of that dingy worn out ring you call a fire pit? Maybe your looking for a focal point in your yard or to add additional warmth and comfort to your outdoor living space. Dupont Construction & Remodeling can work with you to create your ideal outdoor fireplace. Contemporary, Vintage, Sleek or Cozy, a fireplace can tie together an area and give it that needed ‘something’. When thinking of custom fireplace designs, one of the main aspects to consider is the material it is built from. Create an earthy element by choosing stone, or texture the look with stucco, if you would like to make a solid statement, brick is an option.

Custom Deck Railings

Maybe you have small children that need a little more safeguarding, we can install a railing that has posts closer together, or work with a more solid design and transition into a gate at the beginning and end of the stairs. Railings can also offer a customized look, designs can accent stars, walkways and help the flow of your decks entire layout. Whether you are looking for a natural feel or your main concern is maintenance free, we can help narrow down your selections.

Custom Benches or Tables

Our crew will create solid, quality benches and tables for all of your deck needs. From the most unique idea to something traditional, anything is possible. Our craftsmanship allows for extreme durability that you can not buy in stores. We can help you with an idea or your can show us exactly what you have in mind, we will construct one-of-a-kind accessories for your deck. We can also add freestanding planters or any type of planting or storage accessories you have in mind.

Turn any unused deck or backyard space into a comforting and stylish extension of your home. Call Dupont Construction & Remodeling today at 763-753-9796 for a free estimate!

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