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Custom Built Decks & Porches Woodbury MN

The economy is stabilizing and you’ve made it through the storm intact. So you’re ready to take the remodeling plunge! There have been some pretty significant changes over the past six years in the way homeowners are enjoying their homes. More people than ever are are focused more on pleasing themselves, not the next owner..

Outdoor Living

More and more homeowners are choosing to invest in making their backyard into a place of refuge rather than splurging on exotic vacations and trips abroad in pursuit of the ultimate place to relax and unwind.

While homeowners once concerned themselves with home improvements that would add value to their homes or make them more marketable, there’s less concern today with recouping one’s investment than there is with making the home a comfortable and functional place to live.

Adding a new deck is a popular choice among homeowners seeking to create a tranquil setting to escape to while staying in the comfort of their own back yards.

Sitting comfortably with friends or family in the backyard on a cool summer evening, is pure pleasure. It is also the precise reason why people throughout Minnesota are turning their yards and decks into inviting outdoor living spaces. People are extending the comfort and luxury of their homes into the great outdoors.

Azek Low Maintenance Decking

We just finished another beautiful custom deck in Woodbury, Minnesota. This deck was built with Azek low maintenance decking and cedar railing with black architectural aluminum balusters.

With stain and scratch resistance that makes life on the deck easy and a broad palette of shades to complement any exterior, AZEK Deck is the smart and beautiful low maintenance decking.

The cedar railing was topped with an Azek deck board to match the decking and tie the decking and railing together since two different materials were being used on this.

When we put a deck board on top of the railing it also makes it wider for drinks to be set on.

We also installed a matching gate on this deck using the same materials as the deck railing.

Deck board on top of the railing it also makes it wider for drinks to be set on

Azek maintenance free decking and cedar railing with black architectural aluminum balusters

Azek maintenance free decking Woodbury MN

Cedar railing was topped with an Azek deck board

Deck Railings

When designing your new deck, don’t overlook the importance of selecting the right rail for your style. Today’s selections are endless and each one has its own appeal. Choose from a variety of colors, textures, and styles to produce an interesting and unique visual effect that screams “WOW”!

Deck Railings are what distinguish one deck from another. A beautiful distinct railing can really give you something to brag about. It is amazing how a simple expression of color or a curving element can enhance the atmosphere of your deck.

Because your deck’s rails will be one of the most visible features of your new deck, it is important to choose a rail that complements your decking material and the style and color scheme of your house. We recommend spending some time researching your options and allowing some room in your budget for a railing that suits your taste.

Contact a Minnesota Deck Remodeling Contractor to get your project underway! Ask for some examples of past projects they have done for other customers. It will give you an idea of the quality of their work.

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