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The outlook for home remodeling in the year ahead is the best it’s been in almost a decade, and homeowners are looking for the best ways to get the biggest bang for their remodeling buck. Now is a good time to show the exterior of your home some love!

2012-13 Cost vs Value – Make the First Impression Count

Updating the outdoor living space of a home pays off, according to this year’s Cost vs. Value Report. Real estate professionals ranked exterior improvement projects as winning the buyers’ eye and providing sellers with the most return on investment because they immediately improve a home’s curb appeal.

Most people concentrate so much on interior home improvements that the exterior is all but forgotten. A new deck can fill the bill, and nothing beats dining or relaxing outdoors like a deck built onto the back of your house to expand your living space and add value to your home.

According to Remodeling magazine’s 2013 Cost vs. Value Report, a new deck is one of the best exterior home improvements you can make!  In fact, a new deck project returns an average of about 77% of the investment cost — one of the highest values in the survey.

AZEK Decking and Railings

AZEK Decking requires little maintenance to retain its beauty, unlike many other decking materials. The cellulose PVC is a very exciting decking material and is a superior option. AZEK Deck’s cellular PVC material resists mold, stains and surface scratches from screws, tools and other gear during installation.  It’s also impervious to moisture and insects. All of these qualities have made AZEK one of the very best decking material on the market.

Strong, good looks are just the beginning. AZEK Railings offer the beauty and feel of real wood railings coupled with the high durability and low maintenance you expect from AZEK Building Products. With three versatile styles (Premier, Trademark, and Reserve) and expanded color selections, AZEK makes it easy to find the perfect railing system to showcase your deck or porch project. With a style for every lifestyle, AZEK Rail has an option to fit any home or budget.

Here are some pictures of a deck that just finished in Orono MN. It was built with Azek decking and white composite railing.

Orono, Mn Azek decking and white composite railing Orono Mn Azek decking with white composite railing Orono Mn Azek decking and white composite railing Orono Mn Azek deck with white composite railing Orono Mn Azek deck and white composite railing Azek decking with white composite railing Orono MnFor gatherings and casual get-togethers, a low maintenance AZEK Deck will provide you with many years of care free enjoyment.

Choices, Choices

Not long ago, making the eco-friendly choice meant compromises. Settling for something that was less than you wanted, or paying more than you should. Fortunately, those days are fading into memory. Today, there are many ways to make environmentally-responsible lifestyle and product choices. Azek decking is one of those earth-friendly, win-win choices!

In April 2011, AZEK Deck & AZEK Porch products were awarded NAHB Green’s “Green Approved Product” seal of approval. Read the press release here (PDF).

See the AZEK Deck & Porch “Green Approved Product” certificate (PDF).

DIY Or Hire A Contractor?

An explosion of new products adds complications as well as choices for homeowners. Decide how intricate your project will be, and what comfort level you have in the project. If you are all thumbs when it comes to home remodeling, hire a contractor. Be sure to think about quality. This is where the pros really shine and can end up saving you money in the long run. If your remodeling project is fairly extensive, it’s a good idea to talk to a Minnesota Deck Remodeling Contractor.


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