Cracked Chimney Crown Repair, Minnesota

We specialize in repairing old cracked concrete chimney crowns. Call for a free estimate today, callĀ 763-753-9796. Years ago, masons would install chimney crowns on top of chimneys using mortar and concrete. They would shape the crown to try to angle away from the chimney to help transport the water away from the chimney during rain or snow falls, the problem is that the crowns were not always shaped correctly and after a few years the concrete begins to weaken causing hairline cracks at first, which then later expand into larger cracks and eventually if not repaired or replaced with a new crown, will cause rapid deteriorating to your entire chimney. Over the last few years the technology has advanced in chimney repair and restoration. We can now repair chimney crowns quickly and replace the old concrete crowns with a new rock face limestone crown in about a day. This type of repair is usually fairly inexpensive and greatly protects your chimney from further deterioration by providing an overhang over the chimney that the water can run off so that your chimney stack is better protected from rain and snow. Catching these types of cracks and getting the crown replaced early enough can save you hundreds and maybe even thousands in costly chimney repairs down the road. If you have a chimney, give us a call today! We can come inspect your crown for Free and let you know if we see any cracks. Call our office today for your free inspection at 763-753-9796.

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