Stucco Chimney Repair Minneapolis MN

Minneapolis MN Stucco Chimney Repair

Do you have a stucco chimney in the Minneapolis, St. Paul area that is need of repair? Then give us a call! We specialize in chimney repair and rebuilding. Is your stucco starting to crack or flake off on the outside of your chimney? This could mean severe deterioration on the inside of your chimney that could lead to water leaking into your home causing further damage and even health concerns down the road once mold begins to grow. As you can see from the pictures of this chimney, sometimes the deterioration that has taken place inside of a chimney, may not always show up right away on the outside of the chimney.

This homeowner contacted us because the outside of their stucco chimney had begun to get small cracks in it and they wanted the stucco finish repaired. However, after inspecting the crown of the chimney it was determined that the old concrete crown had cracked and was allowing water to enter the walls of the chimney and working its way down the liner and the interior brick wall, building up pressure and causing significant damage to the interior of the chimney structure. This was not so apparent from the outside appearance of the chimney, but once the stucco face was removed it was very clear to see the significant deterioration that had been taking place over time inside the chimney. This homeowner chose to rebuild the chimney using a brick that would accent the home instead of re-apply the stucco finish.

The final product is a safe and beautiful chimney that brings a new appearance to the exterior of the home and will keep the interior of the home warm and cozy for many years to come. If you have a stucco chimney that is in need of repair or refinishing call us today, our estimates are always fast and always free. Call our office at 763-753-9796, or email us.

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