Chimney Repair, Minneapolis Minnesota

Dupont Construction and Remodeling Specializes in Repairing and Rebuilding Chimneys in the Minneapolis, St. Paul and surrounding suburbs of Minnesota. Oh Boy, does your chimney look like this? Lets face it, It’s hard to know what your chimney looks like when it’s way up on top of your roof. Unless you are practicing your rock wall climbing skills, most people do not venture up on top of their roofs. It’s dangerous and scary. Most people only realize that their chimney is in need of repair when they see large pieces of debris starting to fall onto their roofs and the ground. By this time there is usually a significant amount of deterioration that has occurred to the chimney. Don’t risk injury or scare yourself to death. Give us a call and we will send one of our professional service technicians out to take a look at your chimney and give you a fair and honest estimate of what it will cost to repair your chimney and bring it back to safe working condition. Our chimney repair estimates and inspections are always free and we service the entire twin cities metro area, so give us a call today. Call our office at 763-753-9796 for your free estimate!

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