Chimney Fire Repair and Restoration, Minneapolis MN

Dupont Construction and Remodeling Specializes in working with your insurance company to get your chimney repaired or rebuilt after a chimney fire. Chimney fires occur quite often. They are usually caused by a built up of creosote on the inside wall of the chimney flues. This build up occurs over time if you have frequent or even occasional fires in your wood burning stove or fireplace and do not have your fireplace or stove professionally cleaned at least every couple of years. The wood releases chemicals that cause a build up of creosote on the inside of your chimney and once this build up reaches a temperature high enough it will ignite and com-bust into a fire on the inside walls of your chimney. This causes significant damage to your chimney and can also lead to serious injuries or health risks for you and your family if the chimney is not repaired before additional fires take place. Sometimes you may not even be aware that a chimney fire has taken place on the inside walls of your chimney unless you see obvious signs of damage on the top of your chimney as shown in this picture. If you are concerned that you may have had a chimney fire in your chimney, call us today. We will come out and inspect your chimney for free and tell you if your chimney has experienced any internal damage or is at risk for potential future chimney fires. Don’t risk it, it’s a free call, call our office today at 763-753-9796.

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