Commercial Tuck-pointing and Brick Restoration Minneapolis

Preservation and Restoration of Brickwork

Apartment Deck Replacement MinneapolisMaintaining a commercial building with brickwork is a job for an experienced professional. Masonry exterior provides lots of appeal with strength and durability. Over time, the mortar joints will start to erode and require repair such as Tuck-Pointing to preserve and restore the brickwork to its former appeal. At Dupont Construction & Remodeling, our tuckpointing experts have been providing Brick Restoration including Minneapolis Apartment Restoration services for the last 10 years. We have the experience and skills needed to reverse the effects of time and elements on brick exteriors.

What is Tuck-Pointing?

Tuck Pointing is a way to restore the beauty, strength and integrity of brickwork. It refers to the process of restoring mortar joints between bricks. The process includes skillfully removing damaged mortar by grinding or taking to the desired depth. New mortar is filled in and matched to the existing mortar joint materials. Tuckpointing can be a very wise investment in building maintenance that can save a lot of money in the future.

Minneapolis Apartment Restoration

Brick exteriors on Minneapolis Apartment Buildings are exposed to harsh elements that can cause cracks and erosion. Someone with the right skillset and experience can virtually erase the effects of time and restore brickwork to its former glory. Crumbling, deteriorated brick walls, fireplaces, barbecues and facades can often be restored beautifully at the hands of a skilled craftsman from Dupont Construction and Remodeling. Your building can look the very best for residents and bring in the highest rental dollars.

Commercial Brick Restoration Services

Experience and Skill go hand in hand for achieving the best results for Brick Restoration. Both Commercial and Residential properties can put their best foot forward with brickwork that looks its best. Dupont Construction & Remodeling provides Commercial Brick Restoration Services including the following:

  • Apartment building restoration
  • Precision tuckpointing on brick and stone
  • Spot pointing on masonry exteriors
  • Restoration of historical buildings
  • Constructing brick or stone columns
  • Brickwork in decorative applications

Minneapolis Tuckpointing Contractors

Dupont Construction & Remodeling are experts in the Tuckpointing Process. We are experienced Minneapolis Tuckpointing Contractors that can help preserve and restore brickwork on both residential and commercial properties. With close attention to detail, the tuck-pointing process can be a big component of Minneapolis Apartment Restoration and overall Brick Restoration.

Contact Dupont Construction & Remodeling for a Free Estimate on Commercial Property Tuckpointing Services at 763-753-9697.

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