Chimney Services Minneapolis MN

Chimney Services MNAre you looking for professional chimney services in the Minneapolis, MN? Dupont Construction and Remodeling offer Chimney Repairs, Chimney Restoration, Chimney Tuckpointing and even complete Chimney Rebuilding. No matter your need, we have your solution. Our experienced Masonry Contractors will have your chimney looking better than ever before.

Chimney Repairs

There are many aspects of a chimney that need to be maintained for it to work function properly as a whole. We are experienced in chimney repair, from the crown, to the flue liner, down into the chimney flue and the walls that surround it, no repair is too extensive for our experts. Any small issue left unrepaired will grow and may lead to serious issues in the future.

Chimney Restoration

If your home isn’t brand new, chances are your chimney has seen better days. There is no one to blame for it, well besides Mother Nature. Whether you’re missing just one brick, a few or your chimney has a slight lean – the best thing for you to do is contact a professional. The sooner your chimney is restored, the less it will cost you.

Chimney Tuckpointing

Tuckpointing is an art. Yes, many can complete a tuckpointing project but few can completely match the existing colors and blend the entire chimney together for a beautifully finished, flawless and symmetrical chimney finish. For unmatched tuckpointing results contact Dupont today!

Chimney Rebuilding

Worst case scenario: your chimney has fallen. Best case in this scenario: everyone is safe. But that still means you’ve got a lot of weight that has collapsed on your property and damages are expected. Our licensed contractors can completely rebuild your chimney and ensure it is stronger than ever, we are also happy to go over projected chimney maintenance suggestions, so the worst doesn’t happen again.

If you need professional chimney services in the Minneapolis, MN area – look no further than Dupont. Call us today at (763) 753-9796!

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