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A Cozy Fire On A Chilly Evening

Chimney Repair MNWho doesn’t like a cozy fire on a chilly Minnesota evening? The fireplace in your Elk River, MN home is a Valuable Asset when the temperature dips and the leaves start to fall. A good quality built fireplace can last for a lifetime with proper maintenance. But, with our extreme climate and frequent storms you may find that you have chimney damage. That’s when its time to call Dupont Construction & Remodeling. We are licensed and qualified professionals who are experienced in the art of masonry, including Chimney Repair and Replacement.

Damaged Chimney Creates Safety Concerns

Chimneys tend to be taken for granted but should not be neglected. If your chimney has sustained damage it can become a safety hazard for your family. Damage to your chimney can allow toxic gases to enter your home. An unrepaired chimney may let sparks escape and come into contact with combustible materials, causing a fire. Another danger arises when loose bricks and masonry materials fall and potentially cause damage or injury.

Causes Of Chimney Damage And Deterioration

Water, not fire poses the biggest threat to the longevity of a chimney. The extreme climate in Elk Rive, MN produces a freeze thaw cycle that can really do damage to a masonry chimney and also a stone chimney to some extent. Your chimney is subjected to hot gases from fire in the fireplace and cold, wet temperatures from outside. This creates a constant battle with contraction and expansion.

When water penetrates the masonry materials that bond the bricks or stones together, the deterioration process is accelerated. Freezing causes the water to expand and put stress on the mortar joints. Heating allows the ice to thaw and release the tension. This freeze/thaw process can really do a number on your chimney (think of pothole season). Water penetration can also cause rust that destroys cast iron and steel portions of the chimney.

What Dupont Construction Can Do To Help

There are things that Dupont Construction & Remodeling can do to help prolong the life and integrity of your chimney.

  • Install a Chimney Cap
  • Replace a Broken Flue
  • Repair a Damaged Chimney Crown or Replace if necessary
  • Waterproof the porous Masonry Materials
  • Replace or Repair Damaged Flashing
  • Repair Mortar Joints that have deteriorated

When Your Chimney Needs Masonry Services

Dupont Construction & Remodeling are Licensed and Qualified Professionals in the masonry trade. We will come to your home to preform an inspection and determine if your fireplace is in need of chimney repair. Chimney Damages can pose a real safety hazard for your family and lower the value of your Elk River, MN home.

At Dupont Construction & Remodeling Our Work is Our Word. We know that you will be 100% Satisfied with our work and include a great Warranty to prove it.

Fill out our online contact form or call today for a Free Estimate 763-753-9796.

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